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AirTkt Travel Tips of Correct Car Insurance Information

At provides most accurate and complete Tips and Tricks for your Health and Safety during your Trip.

Check with your insurance agent before you start a trip.

  • Is your policy current and valid through the entire rental period ?

  • Does it cover a rental car ?

  • Is the coverage valid for driving outside the United States ?

  • How much is the deductible ?

  • Does the coverage protect against under insured or uninsured drivers ?

  • Does it pay for "downtime", or do you have to pay for rental days while your car is being repaired ?

  • Will it apply to any type of rental, ( luxury car, convertible, sports car, etc.) ?

  • Will it only cover part of a rental period ? 

  • Does it cover others in your party that may also drive your rental ?

  • Will it cover against medical claims made by your passengers or others injured in an accident ?
  • Most credit cards say that they will cover the rental, but offer only secondary coverage. They will expect your personal insurance to cover any claim.  They will then reimburse you for out of pocket expenses.

  • If you’re depending on your credit card for complete coverage, read the credit card agreement carefully to fully understand what type of coverage they provide.

  • You'll want answers to questions that you might ask your own insurance agent.

  • Request current, written copies of their policies.  That way you can read them in advance.

  • Take time to clarify and understand their claim procedure. Remember, the renter is ultimately responsible for any damage to the car.

  • If you are on business, check with the company to determine their policy regarding additional rental car insurance coverage.

  • Make sure that they will reimburse the expense.  If not, should you decline the coverage ?

  • If you decline, does the company cover the car ?

  • Will they provide coverage for extra drivers ?

  • If they do, do they have to also be company employees ?
  • Check first with your agent and the credit card company. Only then can you make an informed decision about coverage.

  • Compare the cost of the rental company’s damage waiver and insurance against the cost of your deductible, any possible rate increase, potential legal costs and the hassle of filing a claim.

  • Remember that you’ll be driving an unfamiliar vehicle, on unfamiliar busy roads with distractions all around you. You will also be are surrounded by many other drivers in the same boat.

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