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AirTkt Travel Tips of Enjoying your Day at the Park

At provides most accurate and complete Tips and Tricks for your Health and Safety during your Trip.

  • Check their "tip" board as soon as you can.  You'll find information on parade routes, times, character appearances and other helpful information.  There should be descriptions of rides and estimated wait times, hours open, scare factor warnings, and any height, age or health restrictions.  It's the best way to get day specific information to help you make the most of your time. Strollers or wheelchairs are usually available at the very front of the park, if you need them.  

  • Pick up a map and study it  together.  Determine a central meeting place in case you get separated.  Some of the larger, easily identifiable landmarks cover large areas, so be specific about exactly which side you will meet on.  Choose a side facing another easily  identifiable landmark.  Pick a landmark that everyone knows how to find.  Possibly something tall or flashy that can be seen from most areas of the park.

  • Mix outdoor rides with indoor or cooler water rides.  Include rides that allow sitting time in between.  Remember, you'll all be standing in lines for long periods of time.  Breaks will help you to stay cool and rested.
  • Note the location of lost and found, restaurants, water fountains and restrooms on the map.
  • Look through the map’s index of restaurants and try to decide on a place to eat.  If possible, check them out first so you’ll know where they are, in relationship to the rest of the park.  If you don’t want to waste time walking across the park to get there, coordinate your ride sequence so that you end up close to the restaurant at meal time.

  • Locate the Park’s restrooms early, so that you’ll be able to take advantage of them when you're in the area.

  • Discuss and agree upon a meeting place in the event that someone gets lost or separated.

  • Plenty of water will help your body make it through the day.   Avoid the high prices for the bottled water sold in the park by bringing a few bottles with you.

  • It can get really hot, but try to avoid the temptation to gulp cold water.  The sudden shock to your body is not good and can be dangerous.

  • Pay close attention to health restrictions, they are there for a reason.  If you try to ride something with a posted warning that applies to you, you may end up suffering for the rest of the trip.

  • Mix some indoor shows, or theater events with outdoor, action rides.  Take some much needed little breaks.  Sit down and cool off throughout the day.

  • It may be tough to make it for a whole day at the park.  Think about breaking up the day in the mid-afternoon and resuming it later.  A break will let you to spend more total time in the park throughout your day.  Nighttime brings lower temperatures and smaller crowds.  It should be easier then for you to enjoy the rides.  Remember to get your hand stamped for a return visit.  Be sure to keep your ticket and your parking voucher.

  • There will be a lot treats to tempt you all day.  Since your body will be stressed by the activity, try to stay with healthy foods.  Remember, rich, greasy, sweet  foods are much harder for your body to digest.

  • If a specific food upsets your stomach at home, stay away from it at the park.  The rides will probably toss you around and you don’t want to toss your lunch !

  • Don’t save the wet, water rides the end of the day.  You could have a soggy ride home.

  • Remember that you might have to carry them with you all day.  Inquire to see if there are any other options, such as lockers or storage spaces available before you buy more than you can handle.

  • Consider holding off your shopping spree until the end of the day.  Most parks close the rides at a specific time, but leave the shops open longer.  Waiting will also allow the parking lot time to empty out.

  • Many parks will hold bigger purchases and allow you to pick them up at the front gate when you leave.

  • Some will deliver to your hotel or your local address.

  • Most parks have coin operated lockers for rent.  

  • Although not its primary purpose, a stroller can help with some of the heavy carrying.  Remember not to leave packages on the stroller when it is unattended.

  • Try to go off-season when the parks are less crowded.  Check the park’s hours and make sure that all the rides are operating.  You don't want to have them cut too much time out of your once- in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Try to find out when the park is going to be open extra hours.

  • Check the daily average attendance and pick the lighter days.  Often the weekend may be less crowded since some people use the weekend to travel.

  • Plan your trip well ahead and come fully prepared.

  • Try to get there as early as possible.

  • Use the park's "tip board" for daily information.

  • Use the park map so that you will avoid crisscrossing and repetition. .

  • When you are close to a restroom, take a break.  Don't wait until you are halfway around the park and there's nothing nearby.

  • Don't follow crowds.  Look for areas that are less busy.  Most people move counterclockwise through a park.  Try going clockwise (left to right) and avoid the flow.

  • Pick "off" hours to eat.  Try before 12:00noon or after 2:00pm.  

  • Don't overdo it physically. Give your body a break.

  • Arrive at least a half hour before they open.  Some parks allow entrance even earlier.  The rides will not be open, but you'll be first in line.

  • Early arrival should earn you a good parking space.  Most parks will let you in a little earlier than the published opening times.

  • It's the best way to get a great spot in line for the more popular rides.

  • Have a good breakfast before you arrive at the park.  It's going to be a long day and you’ll need the energy.  Leave enough time for the food to settle before you go on any rides.

  • It all depends on the individual park.

  • Most charge for parking, so include that expenditure when preparing your budget.

  • Most have sufficient parking.  Your biggest problem won’t be finding a space, but remembering where you parked at the end of the day.

  • Many parks use characters and/or colors to mark the parking lot sections.  To remember where you parked, write the section’s name and/or color down.  For example: there are over 11,000 parking spaces at Disney’s Magic Kingdom alone.

  • Theme park parking lots are usually filled with hundreds of similar looking rental cars.  Many times they are hiding behind SUVs, minivans and Hummers.  Again, write your section’s name, number or color on a piece of paper and don't lose it !

  • When you arrive at the park, look at the map and locate a central meeting place for everyone in the event of separation.

  • Some of the obvious central landmarks are very large.  Try to be specific.  Meet in front of the landmark or next to a pond close to another ride etc.  Make sure that everyone knows how to get there.

  • Know where "Lost & Found" is located.  If someone gets "lost" this would be a perfect place to be "found".

  • Look for good spots and stake yours out early.  Parades draw large crowds and good viewing can be at a premium.

  • Check the park's "tip board" or your map to locate the parade route.

  • Try finding an incline or slight hill.  It might allow you a better view of the parade. You can look down on it as it comes toward you.

  • Try finding spot at the beginning of the parade.  This gives you an advantage later.  You should be finished watching and making it to the popular rides, while everyone else is still waiting for it to finish.

  • Verify your spot with a park employee.  Don't stand for half an hour, only to be told that your perfect spot is in the middle of the parade route !

  • Stand on the side of the street that you will want to be on when the parade is finished.  Remember, the crowd may block your access until after the parade is over.

  • Try to eat a good breakfast before you arrive at the Park.  At lunchtime, try to eat earlier or later than the crowd.  Get to the restaurants while they are still empty and everyone is on the rides.  If you don’t want to watch a parade, forget about it and eat.  While everyone else is crowding the parade route, you can take advantage of the empty restaurants . Eating during the off hours eliminates waiting in line at a restaurant and means shorter lines while the others are eating.

  • If you’ve had enough and must leave, get your hand stamped.  After a rest and shower, you might feel like coming back.  Since it cools off after sunset and the crowds thin out, you may want to return.  Most parks have a gala finale show, a big parade, a light show or fireworks.  These are worth seeing.  If you can’t make it through the whole day, consider coming back in the evening.  Don’t miss one of the best parts of the experience.  Hold on to your ticket and parking voucher.  Often parking tickets are also good for the whole day.

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