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AirTkt Travel Tips of Helpful Safety Hints

At provides most accurate and complete Tips and Tricks for your Health and Safety during your Trip.

  • Drive through the lot before choosing a spot.  Make sure no one is hiding between or inside nearby cars.  if your room has an exterior door facing the parking lot, someone could push you into your room just as you open the door.

  • If you don't feel safe, use a valet service where available.  If  none is offered park at the lobby door,  go into the lobby and ask for an escort.  Safety is worth a small tip.

  • Always park in a well-lit area of the lot. 

  • Try to park close to the lobby.  That is the safest way to enter any hotel.

  • After you’ve parked, check to see that the lot is safe before opening the car door.

  • Lock the car and remove any valuables.  if they must be left in the car at least put them out of sight.

  • Again, consider using valet parking, especially at night.  Remember to keep your room key separate,  so you can get in your room.

  • When using valet parking at other locations, remember to remove your hotel key from your key-chain, if you have added it to the bunch.

  • Request an escort to your car when leaving the hotel for the parking lot.

  • Watch for loiterers before entering the parking lot.

  • Remember to check the inside of your car before opening it and getting in.

  • Ask for a room that is just above the ground floor.  It will be more difficult to break into, but low enough for rescue, if necessary.

  • Request a room in the main building, if the hotel has multiple buildings.

  • Always try to get a room with an inside corridor, if available.

  • Don’t wear flashy jewelry or display large amounts of cash.  You simply draw attention to yourself.

  • Use your last name and only your first initial when registering.  Less information Is better for security.

  • Register using a business address and phone number rather than home.  No use advertising that your house is probably empty ! 

  • When checking in, ask the clerk to write down your room number rather than say it out loud.  It's better than having anyone in the lobby hear it and know where you'll be.

  • If the room key is numbered, be careful not to let others see it.

  • If you should lose the key, report it immediately to the front desk and request a move to another room.

  • After checking in, note all fire exits and where there is a fire extinguisher on your floor.

  • Always keep your door locked, of course.

  • Don't be careless, Use the door’s dead bolt, flip-lock and/or chain both in the day and at night.

  • Be sure that the windows and any connecting room doors are also locked.

  • Consider a door alarm for your trip.  As a substitute,  place a glass or other "tinkly" object in front of the inside part of the door. It  would be knocked over and wake you if the door was opened.  Remember that it's there when you're walking around !

  • Bring along a nightlight to help illuminate an unfamiliar bedroom.

  • Always use the peephole and chain combination before opening your door.

  • If someone knocks and identifies himself as hotel personnel or security, call the front desk to verify that it is who he says it is !  Fake uniforms are easy to come by.

  • If someone gets onto the same elevator that makes you uncomfortable, get off, or push the button for a public area of the Hotel, such as the lobby or rooftop restaurant.

  • Always report any strange or suspicious activity to the hotel’s staff as soon as it occurs..

  • You don’t know what the last guest did on your comforter so avoid lying on top of it.  Most maids change the sheets each day, but it's too costly to dry-clean the bed’s comforter after each guest. 

  • Watch your luggage on the way to and from the hotel room.

  • Never leave your room key lying around the pool, beach or anywhere in public.  Many hotels still put room numbers on keys making it easy for anyone who grabs your key to know where to go.  Better yet, leave it at the front desk. Ask the hotel front desk clerk to be sure to check I.D. before giving a key out.  You’ll need to bring I.D. with you.

  • Don’t wear gaudy jewelry or flash large amounts of cash, it just draws attention to yourself

  • Never leave a "make up room" tag on your door.  It clearly says that the room is empty.  Call the front desk to let them know that your room is ready for service.

  • Keep your room’s doors and windows locked and curtains closed.

  • Leave the TV or radio on to discourage an intruder.

  • Use the "in room" or main safe.  Never leave anything of value in your room.  Of course, never leave cash in your room.

  • If the room has an "in room" safe, be sure that it is bolted down and that the bolts are not exposed on the outside.  Bolts should be welded.  If the safe isn’t securely bolted down, you are simply providing a carrying package for the thief.

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