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AirTkt Travel Tips of Hints on Visiting Theme Parks

At provides most accurate and complete Tips and Tricks for your Health and Safety during your Trip.

  • Inquire about the availability and cost of renting a stroller.  Most have them available.  Even if your child doesn't necessarily need one normally,  remember that there will be much more walking than in their usual daily activities.

  • Remember to cover your child in with a strong sunscreen.  You’ll probably be exposed to the sun during a good part of the day.  Build a tan slowly.  Sunburn can ruin the entire trip.

  • Give your child a fanny pack to carry.  They can help out by carrying some of their own personal items.  You may want to let them carry a small toy to play with while waiting in line.

  • Remember to walk at the child’s pace.  Their shorter legs don’t move as fast as yours.  You don’t want to tire them out too quickly.

  • You'll all be tempted by the many tasty treats offered to you all day long.  Try hard to keep them to a minimum.  The richer foods are hard to digest and can affect the body in a bad way with the extra walking and standing all day.  If you give your hot, tired child too much ice cream and put him on a few wild rides, you’ll soon find out why you needed to bring that second pair of shoes and extra shirt !

  • Give everyone an afternoon break.  Allow everyone to cool down and rest.  Alternate outside rides with some indoor air-conditioned or water rides, to cool everyone. Try not to save the water rides for the end of the day.  You may have a soggy ride home.

  •  Make sure that your child drinks lots of water throughout the day.  Water helps them to deal with the heat and stress, better than sugary, carbonated drinks.

  • Don't  insist that your children ride on rides that they are not ready for yet.  If they prefer not to, they probably know best .  It will only make them more cautious about trying other new rides.

  • Take an afternoon break and come back in the evening. It'll probably be cooler and less crowded. Also, you’ll be rested and can enjoy the park’s lights and nighttime activities.
  • Make your plan before leaving home and get the kids involved in the planning process.

  • Understand that some parks are so big that you probably won't get to see everything. You may need more than one or two days at the park.

  • Some rides are more exciting than others, so you may want to ride them more than once.

  • You and your children probably have different ideas about what will be the best rides. By planning ahead, you will have time to compromise, giving everyone their time at the park.

  • Be aware that some rides have minimum height restrictions while others post health warnings for bad backs, vertigo or heart trouble.

  • Motion sickness and the scare factor need to be considered when deciding who rides what and for how long..

  • It's better to find out in advance that you’ll have to skip a ride.  Don't be disappointed when you learn of a restriction that keeps someone from riding.

  • Your children may find enjoyment in the simple pleasures that the park offers. The little ones will probably be interested in the fountains, parades and various the characters.

  • Be sure that your children have comfortable, well fitting and supportive shoes to wear.

  • Buy them well in advance and let the kids break them in.  They'll be more comfortable and less likely to cause blisters..

  • Take a second pair of shoes to the park for your child to switch into.

  • A light exercise program, begun a few weeks before you leave, will help build durability.  Try your kids on short walks around the neighborhood or the mall.  Make it fun and let them know that it is to help them prepare for all the walking they will be doing at the park.

  • Check their "tip" board as soon as you can.  You'll find information on parade routes, times, character appearances and other helpful information.  There should be descriptions of rides and estimated wait times, hours open, scare factor warnings, and any height, age or health restrictions.  It's the best way to get day specific information to help you make the most of your time.

  • Pick up a map and study it  together.  Determine a central meeting place in case you get separated.  Some of the larger, easily identifiable landmarks cover large areas, so be specific about exactly which side you will meet on.  Choose a side facing another easily  identifiable landmark.  Pick a landmark that everyone knows how to find.  Possibly something tall or flashy that can be seen from most areas of the park.

  • Baby swap if you can.  Most parks and individual rides allow one adult to wait outside with the child while the other parent rides. They then switch, allowing both adults to get a chance.  Check with the park employees at each individual ride to see if this is allowed and how it works.

  • Yes, but remember that park characters are in costume and have very limited vision.  They can turn quickly and knock your child down without ever seeing them. Help your child approach the character so that they see each other at the same time 

  • Be sure that your child is careful with the character.  A tight hug, kick or poke to get attention can be painful and not appreciated.

  • There will be opportunities for a picture of your child with their favorite furry character.  Although it's a picture of a lifetime for you, the furry friend can be scary for a small child.  Even though your child may rush to the TV every time they see this character.  It may be different in person.  The big version can be intimidating. 

  • While waiting in line, talk to you child about their furry friend and assure them that it is safe and that you are there beside them. 

  • If the child is shy, approach the character first and be the first one to touch him.  This may help your child feel more secure.

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