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AirTkt Travel Tips of Managing Money while Travelling

At provides most accurate and complete Tips and Tricks for your Health and Safety during your Trip.

  • As few as possible.  Take only major credit cards, such as American Express, Visa and Master Card.

  • Be sure that they are credit cards and not debit cards with a credit card company’s logo on them.  Many countries or certain locations require a real credit card and will not accept a debit card,  In foreign travel, they have limited use.

  • Leave your store and gasoline credit cards at home;  You'll have no need for them.

  • Might be a good idea.  You could experience problems if they are not aware that you are traveling.  An unfamiliar spending pattern might cause them to suspect a stolen card  that is being used fraudulently.

  • A call will allow them to explain the many services that they can provide while you are travelling.

  • Yes.  This will allow you access to cash during your trip.  You won’t need to carry as much cash.  An ATM card is a good, easy way to get cash in foreign countries, but be careful of access fees..

  • The ATM will issue money in local currency, eliminating exchange problems.

  • Shop around at different banks since some will charge a higher fee for their ATMs.  ATM fees are usually less than those for currency exchange.

  • Access the ATM s before you get low on money.  The ATM can run out of money or break down.

  •  Check Visa’s ATM locator web page.  It provides a searchable database that locates ATM’s belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron and Plus ATM network worldwide.

  •   This is MasterCard’s ATM locator web page.  It provides a searchable database that locates ATM’s belonging to the MasterCard and Cirrus ATM network worldwide.
  • Find out if the type of travelers checks that you want to use are accepted in the countries that you’ll be visiting.

  • Are they widely accepted in those countries ?

  • Are there fees or charges for the purchase or use of the travelers checks ?.

  • What is the company’s policy on loss, replacement or refund of their traveler's checks ?

  • Yes, in many ways such as : . 

  • They can arrange to pay bills that come due while you are away.

  • They will be aware that you charging items while in a foreign country.

  • They can tell you how acceptable their card may be in a particular country.

  • They can verify acceptance, if needed, at specific foreign locations.

  • They can verify whether your PIN number will work in the countries you are visiting.  If necessary, they can issue you another PIN number if your current PIN is not compatible to the foreign bank’s system.

  • They can explain how to get a cash advance, use an ATM,  make a foreign purchase and understand the foreign exchange rate policies and fees.

  • They can elaborate on any services they offer, such as insurance for your rental car, luggage or purchases.  The can advise you about whether the coverage offered extends outside the United States and will be valid overseas.

  • They can provide you with a phone number in case you need to reach them in each country.  Often the 800 number listed on the back of your card does not work from certain overseas locations.

  • Find out if they charge a currency conversion fee.  Compare and use the most economical card to make your foreign purchases.

  • Definitely.  Your credit cards are often more valuable than using cash.  Use them as much as possible.

  • You’ll get a better exchange rate than using cash.

  • In case of a purchase problem, you’ll be in a stronger position to complain or challenge a purchase.   A credit card company can charge back any disputed charges.

  • Many credit cards offer guarantees or warranties when purchasing items with their card.  Read the small print for any exceptions.

  • Credit cards are safer than carrying and displaying large amounts of cash.

  • If lost, a credit card has a low maximum liability limit.  This is especially true if you are quick to report that the card has been lost or stolen.

  • Ask your bank if you can use your PIN number in foreign countries.

  • Verify your daily limits and plan as you go.  It may be smart to take money out  a little at a time.  You can also ask to have your daily limit increased.

  • Try out your ATM card before you leave.  Make sure it is still valid and working.

  • Caution :  Repeated visits through airport security checks and scanners can demagnetize your cards.  It is unlikely, but you might want to ask for a visual inspection.

  • Remember, don’t wait until you’re out of money to go to an ATM, in case the machine has run out of money or breaks down.

  • Guard them the same as you would your cash.  Learn and follow the procedures necessary in the event that you lose your travelers checks.   Make copies of each check before you go, record the numbers and keep separate from the real checks.  The information that you need to record : 

  • The serial number of each check.

  • The denomination of each check and the total.

  • The date and location where you purchased them.

  • A phone number (800, or local if traveling overseas) in case you need to report them stolen or lost.

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