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AirTkt Travel Tips of Protect your Health while Sailing

At provides most accurate and complete Tips and Tricks for your Health and Safety during your Trip.

  • Pick a cruise that sails in calmer waters,

  • Choose a larger modern ship.

  • Ask for a cabin amidships. A mid or lower level cabin is preferable and consider an inside cabin if seeing the ocean roll is a problem. 

  • Try to book a cabin with the beds running parallel to the length of the ship. The rocking is easier than a rolling motion for your body.

  • Talk to your doctor departure and ask for recommendations on any medications you might use to prevent seasickness.

  • Many people use an acupressure bracelet on the wrists.  It seems to be helpful.

  • Spend some time on deck and focus on a fixed point of the horizon.  This will help to adjust your body to the motion of the ship.

  • Avoid or at least go light on the alcohol.  For most people, it increases the symptoms of motion sickness.

  • Almost all ships have an infirmary with a doctor and nurse on staff, available 24 hours.

  • Notify the cruise line in advance if you have any pre-existing conditions that might need medical attention while on board.   Be sure that the type of assistance you might need is available.

  • Remember, cruise ships aren’t hospitals and aren't equipped to handle all emergencies. 

  • Consider purchasing trip insurance that will help cover any costs of getting to proper medical care if necessary.   Read the fine print of any policy to see make certain what is and isn't covered.  Often there are exceptions and in many cases pre-existing conditions are not covered.

  • When in port, remember that local drinking water can be dangerous.

  • Drink only bottled or boiled water or sealed, carbonated soft drinks.

  • Don't forget.  The ice in your drink was local water before being frozen, so order drinks without ice.

  • Wipe clean the tops of cans before drinking from them.  Better yet, bring straws to use.

  • Never eat raw foods.  They are a sure way to get sick.

  • Brush your teeth only with bottled water.  Keep your mouth closed when in the shower.  Ingesting even a little bit may make you sick.

  • If you suffer from any food allergies, learn the names of those foods in the languages of the countries you’ll be visiting.  This allows you to more easily identify and avoid them.

  • Check to see what, if any, diseases are common to the area you’ll be visiting.  Take whatever action necessary to prevent illness in the event that you become exposed to them.

  • Inquire as to what types of vaccinations may be needed to enter a specific country,  Often, medications need to be taken before, during and after your trip for best results.  If inoculations are necessary, get them done early, in the event that you have a reaction and need recovery time.

  • Consider a dental check up before leaving, if you haven’t had one in a while.

  • Of course, be careful what you eat and drink.

  • Always carry your complete health information with you on a trip.

  • Check into joining Medic Alert or IAMAT, the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers.
  • The name and address of  your insurance company.

  • Any trip Insurance contact information.

  • The name and phone number of a contact person in case of emergency.

  • Always know and take a record of your blood type.

  • A copy of eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

  • A complete list of current medications, along with generic names.  Remember, brand names vary in different countries.

  • Make note of any allergies, especially any known to food or drugs

  • A list of shots, inoculations or immunizations with the dates that they were given.

  • A short, concise history of your past and present medical condition, including past hospitalizations, operations, implants and any current problems.

  •  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Information web page. This site contains updated information and articles on diseases. It also includes guidelines for travel to areas that have suffered a recent natural disaster. The most valuable section of the site is the destination section. This area of the site contains detailed specific information on diseases common to particular regions of the world, along with the recommended precautions and vaccines advised to avoid those diseases.

  •  Try the World Health Organization’s International Travel and Health web page.  It  contains information about recommended vaccinations and general health advice for travelers.

  •  This is the World Health Organization’s Geographical information of potential health hazards to travelers web page.  It contains information, divided by areas of the globe, on potential health hazards for travelers within that area.

  • This is the  International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers homepage.  The I.A.M.A.T.  is a nonprofit organization that helps travelers avoid illness while traveling abroad.  They help guide travelers in 125 countries to competent medical care and to doctors trained in Western countries that speak either French or English.  There is no cost of membership for this organization.  Donations are encouraged to help continue IAMAT’s work.

  •  The Medic Alert homepage is a nonprofit organization that provides bracelets to identify diseases or allergies from which you suffer.  The bracelet carries a phone number to be called in the event that medical personnel need access to your medical records on a 24-hour a day basis.  Registration is necessary and an annual membership fee applies.

  • Not anymore. Cruises usually keep to calm waters and the ships are so large that their size helps to eliminate any motion.

  • Today's weather tracking devices allow ships to  sail in calmer waters by avoiding any potential storms.

  • Improved technologies on modern ships offer better stabilizers that counter act most of the motion.

  • Preventative medications and patches are readily available.  These factors lessen your chances of suffering seasickness.

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