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AirTkt Travel Tips of The Ship Information that you need

At provides most accurate and complete Tips and Tricks for your Health and Safety during your Trip.

  • Learn about the size of ships.  It will be listed as tonnage such as 60,000 or 70.000 tons.  Obviously the more tonnage, the larger the ship.  Also find out how many passengers each ship carries.  You may be interested in when the ship was built and if or when it was last refurbished.
  • Try to find out the square footage of the cabins.  At least get a range of the square footage of each type of cabin. This will information will help you to compare from ship to ship. Some ships have roomier cabins in certain classes than their competitors.
  • Check out ships with verandas or balconies.  Find out if the size of the veranda is included in your cabin square footage.  If is not, it's easier to compare cabin size to cabin size from ship to ship.
  • investigate each ship’s health safety and sanitation record.  See the "Cruise Safety" section for more details on how check these things out.
  • Many cruise lines have "sister ships", which were built to similar specifications.

  • Cruise lines try to maintain similarities in their other ships for passenger familiarity.

  • Often a cruise line will tend to hire their officers and sometimes their crews from a certain part of the world.

  • Usually, one entertainment company will provide most of the entertainment or shows, except when in port.

  • Activities on a specific line are designed for a certain type of cruise client..

  • Often the decor on board will be similar to their other ships.

  • Menus are usually similar or may be identical.

  • Sometimes a cruise line will have major differences in their ships.

  • When a line has a variety of ships of different sizes, they often offer different features and amenities.

  • In some cases, the age and condition of a particular line's ships will vary greatly.

  • Remember, sister-ships have different crews so the experience will not be identical.  Do research on cruise line and the specific ship of tour choice..

  • Size is very important.  Many people prefer smaller ships. Bigger won’t necessarily fit everyone’s idea of a perfect cruise.  Know the size of the ship that you'll be sailing on.  This information will go a long way in  helping you choose the best match for your personal tastes.

  • The industry has been building huge ships over the last 3 or 4 years. The new, bigger ships have space to accommodate any and every possible activity.

  • They provide more features and opportunities, but remember, there will be more people on board and you may feel crowded.

  • Bigger does not mean less crowded. You may have more area, but the additional passengers may in fact, make it seem more crowded.

  • Smaller ships also offer plenty of activities in a more quiet, intimate, less hectic setting.

  • That information will help you to consider the condition and desirability of the ship.  Pictures on the cruise line’s web site were probably taken when the ship was new or after renovation.  Try to get some idea of the age of the pictures.  Try finding "Inaugural" cruises or ships that have just finished refurbishment.  They will be new and fresh, even though occasionally something may not work well in your new cabin.
  • Yes, most have smoke free dining sections and many have smoke free dining rooms.

  • Many of the general entertainment areas are also divided into smoking and nonsmoking sections. Some ships only allow cigar and pipe smoking on the outside decks.

  • Some Cruise Lines are beginning to offer nonsmoking cruises and even prohibit you from bringing any tobacco products on board. But, it’s a little too early to see if these will become main stream offerings.

  • If you do go on a nonsmoking cruise, don’t break the rules. The rules of these cruises usually state that you can be put off the ship if you smoke or even possess tobacco products. You do not receive any reimbursement for your lost cruise and must make your own way home. You may even be subject to a fine for smoking on the ship. If you think they are kidding when they say nonsmoking only, know that people have already been put off the ship for breaking the rules.

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