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Cheap airfare pricescheap flight tickets…cheap air flights…is all we wish for when we are searching for air tickets for our next holiday. Everyone wants to grab the best flight deal so that they save more. Higher money saved on flight ticket booking, better the holiday spending. So, AirTkt has collected these 5 secrets for finding cheaper airfare so that you get cheap flight deals and can make the most of your holiday.

Secret 1: Book in Advance

The most effective secret to finding cheaper airfare is to book within a certain time period. As per research, to grab best flight deals within the U.S., check for flight tickets 80-70 days in advance of travel dates. And for international flight tickets, start searching for flight tickets 60 days in advance of travel to get the cheap flight deals. This is the prime window and offers the best airfare prices.

Secret 2: Be Flexible

The golden rule to grab cheaper airfare is to be flexible especially with date of flying, airport you are flying from, and the time of the air flight. AirTkt advises you to book cheap flight deals on Tuesday and Wednesday instead of the weekends. Also, choose to avoid peak season travel dates instead travel on the day of the holiday. Further, choose a different non-popular airport, and opt for red eye flights that can be booked for cheaper airfare prices.

Secret 3: Take the Layover Flight:

Layover flight is always cheaper than a non-stop flight. Though a layover flight might not go down well with many people, it is really not such a bad idea. Instead if you plan well, you could add another destination to your itinerary without any cost in fact, it would also get you cheaper airfare prices for your flight tickets. Hence, always opt for a layover flight, if there is no rush.

Secret 4: Choose Budget Flights:

Today there are multiple budget airlines that connect domestic as well as international destinations. Though budget flights provide basic travel service with basic comfort, their airfare prices are really low and can be grabbed to save money. However, budget air flights do not give baggage allowances so always pack light.

Secret 5: Set up price alerts:

One secret that AirTkt would advise you to consider while booking your flight tickets is to set up airfare price alerts of airlines. Email pop-ups of airfare price alerts will notify you when the airfare prices drop low and thus, you can act promptly and book cheap flight tickets.

Keep in mind these 5 top secrets while booking flight tickets and you will grab cheaper airfare for sure!

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