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Travelling with your kids is a great way to enhance your bond, build lifetime memories, and also help your children explore so much beyond their own little world. If you are a single parent and going to book your air plane tickets for a holiday but concerned about handling this alone, trust our advice and don’t be worried at all. We have 6 tips for single parent for flying internationally that ensure you have a great holiday.

Choose your destination wisely

Select a destination that offers something for the kids as well appeals to you. You could include some fun activities such as theme park visits, adventure sports, water activities, nature walks, outdoor games, picnics, etc. Ensure that the weather conditions are favorable, and the place is lively.

Book your flights smartly

When making a flight booking, apart from cheap plane tickets focus on evening flights, comfort and services, entertainment for kids, closer-to-home/hotel airports, layover flights, etc. Ensure flight prices cover baggage. AirTkt has some amazing flight deals that can make travel budget and children friendly.

Choose wisely between a hotel and vacation rental

Evaluate the comfort of a hotel with room service, meals, baby-sitting services, entertainments, etc. or a vacation rental with plenty of room to play, cook food in case your child has special dietary requirements. Also, choose a place where there are more kids and less of honeymooners, couples, or bachelors.

Get all documents and permissions ready

Document all necessary permissions required from the other parent; include the right to take decisions in case of emergencies. In case you have the sole custody, carry a copy of your official custody papers. Additionally, keep the passports, IDs, Visas and any other travel document updated and handy.

Keep the other parent and family informed

Keep your spouse and your immediate family updated about your whereabouts and share pictures with them of the trip to let them know all is fine.

Ready your medical kit

Keep a medical kit handy that must include plenty of first aid, some vitamins, regular medicines, motion sickness pills, anti-allergens, cough syrups, fever meds, bug sprays, etc.

Keep all essentials but do not over pack

Pack all essentials including travel pillows, blankets, in-flight entertainment, snacks and juices, etc. While packing ensure you do not over stuff your luggage as you will be single handedly carrying it all along. So, pack light and smart.

Train, tag, and track them

Train your child to act smartly in case they get lost or an emergency strike. They should know their own name, how to approach for help, how to contact you or someone back home, hotel and home address, etc. Also, tag your child by writing your name, number, and address on their arm. Attach a GPS tracking device to their wrist/bag and track them via the app. Advisable to teach them a few emergency communication sentences in the foreign language.

Be attentive towards the kids

Pay attention to the kids’ needs and actions; do not get carried away being touristy as to let the child feel ignored. Keep an alert watch to avoid any mishaps.

Check-in online

Opt for a web check-in to evade waiting time at the airport. Posts checking in online, you can directly drop your bags for checking and get through the security.

Though sometimes traveling alone with kids can be difficult, but still wonderfully manageable with proper planning.

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