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Everything is ready for the holiday apart from the flight tickets because you are dreading to book expensive plane tickets while unable to grab cheap flight deals. AirTkt knows the situation and hence, has always come to rescue with its cheap flight deals to international, as well as domestic locations. Even now, AirTkt is bringing you this guide to let you know that before you book plane tickets online, remember these 5 things because they will help you save many a dollars!

  • Airfare price always go up near as you near the date of travel

If you thought all those warning you about airfare prices shooting up as you approach the time of travel – were lying, you are in for a shock. Flight ticket prices actually rise up if you book 3 weeks before the travel dates. Hence, it is always better to plan and book flight tickets in advance to grab best flight deals. Ideally, one should watch out for airfare prices in the prime window slot. For domestic flights, the window begins not later than 60 days in advance, whereas for international flights the cheap flight tickets are spotted anytime beginning from 70-80 days in advance of date of travel. So, if you are booking air plane tickets online, keep a watch out for airfare prices during this period and book as soon as you spot a cheap flight deal.

  • Layover flights are cheaper than non-stop ones

Always remember that no matter how much the distance, a layover flight is always cheaper than a non-stop flight. Layover flights might demand more time from your schedule but also offer best flight deals. These also allow you stretch your legs while at the same time add a destination to your itinerary. So, if you are booking your flight tickets online, remember to check for layover flights and grab those flight deals if you have time at hand. More so, remember to always check the timings of both connecting flights, as well as if possible book the flight tickets on the same airline to ensure you reach on time and there is no hassle with the baggage.

  • Alternate airports might have cheaper flight tickets

Travelling from alternate or non-popular airports is not always a bad idea, especially not if it saves you many a dollars on your flight ticket prices. Non-popular airports in most cases offer cheap flight tickets than the main airport because of their low proximity to the city, lesser number of staff aiding the check-in process, as well as air flights serving the airport. Though while booking flight tickets online, you must remember to check for timings of the air flight and also evaluate you check-in time and to-and-from airport transportation.

  •  Some days of the week and time of the day is cheaper than the rest

While many of you might think, this is a myth – trust AirTkt because it is really not a myth. There are some days such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays which are quieter and cheaper than other days of the week to travel. Hence, if you can choose to get flight tickets for these days instead of the weekend or Monday which is busier and expensive. Also, red eye flights – odd timings – such as late night flights and early morning flights are cheaper than the rest. Also, it is best to avoid getting flight tickets for peak seasons and holidays as majority people travel during that time leading to a hike in airfare prices. You can instead choose to travel on the day of the holiday to save those dollars on flight ticket bookings.

  •  Booking your air flight tickets and hotel together reduces the cost

This is a tried and tested method. When booking your flight tickets online, you can also choose to book your hotel accommodation together. If you happen to book both the airplane tickets and accommodation together from the same platform, chances are you might get great deals on the overall package cost.

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