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If you’ve got your flight tickets for the U.S. reserved and now want to learn about the food scene of the country – Here is your guide on important food tips that will help you survive the dining experience in the U.S.

Know your coffee: Coffee can vary greatly across lands. So, if you are a coffee lover and cannot start your day without coffee, you must know what to order in the U.S. so that you get the desired cup of bliss! In America, a short black is an espresso, and a long black is an Americano. Also, if you are buying coffee at Starbucks, you can get a refill for 50 cents, rather than buying a second coffee.

Downsize your meals: America is known for the king-size meals it offers. You’d be surprised by the size and quantity they serve for one; it could easily suffice for three. So, to save your money and also your waistline, remember to ask for half-portions while dining out, even if they are not listed on the menu. With the growing awareness about health and obesity, Americans have now started to be cautious of their meal size. Hence, chances are that even though the menu does not specify it, the restaurant can give you a half-portion.

Tipping is important: In America, tipping is a part of the culture. It is practically impossible to escape leaving a tip while dining out. In fact, the tips are getting higher by the time and you’d see the waiters and servers expectedly waiting for the tip when you pay the bill. Though, in case you are dining out – you can skip the tip.

Know the food terminology: Even though Americans speak English, but their terminologies and usage vary greatly than the English language spoken in other countries. That is why, when you book your flight tickets for the U.S., make it a point to learn some basic food terminology. Some of these include – chicken wings = Buffalo wings; Arugula = rocket; coriander = cilantro; biscuit = scone; cup of Joe = coffee; entrees = main meals; etc.

Be ready for late dinner: Americans do not eat early and as far as it is about dining out, they prefer to do it as late as possible – 9:30 pm or later. Hence, while making dinner reservations, keep in mind – the later the better. Specifically, if you are visiting New York – the city that never sleeps – you’ll be surprised by how late Americans eat their dinner.

Follow these useful food tips and enjoy your stay in the USA. To save on flight tickets, grab those amazing flight deals on AirTkt and start packing your bags! But remember to make a small investment in insuring your trip, it will provide you extensive coverage from trip cancellation, trip delay, emergency medical expense, baggage delay, and a host of other benefits. You can also choose to get AirTkt’s travel assistance program, which will provide you multiple post-ticketing benefits.


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