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Have you ever gotten lucky and made your online flight bookings on a “mistaken fare”? For all those who don’t know, a “mistake fare” is when an airline or an agency ends up selling out their tickets at a much lesser price than they intended. Some of the extreme low airfares are often the result of errors that airlines fail to detect in a timely manner. AirTkt here is all set to help you make the most of these pricing errors with the best ways to find airline mistake fares.

Set up the alerts: What could be better than an email pop-up as soon as the price drops? An alert may not necessary be for a mistaken fare but a small drop in the rates as well of the air flights you have been looking at. To qualify, an air flight usually is between 75% – 90% discounted. So, filling up your inbox and news feed with great travel deals is a great way to monitor the latest offers.

Book right away: Mistake fares don’t stay for long. So you really have no time to think further and ask around. Time is the essence here. So act real quick to avail the best airfare deals by making your online flight bookings real quick.Also most of the air flights have a 24-hour penalty-free cancellation period, so you’re wise to book even if you aren’t sure of the dates.Also never ever call the airline to obtain a confirmation of whether the price is valid. Once they notice the mistake, of course they will change the price.

Be Flexible: Search the rates for the entire month, also different regions or even different airports. This way you end up increasing your chances of snagging a mistake fare as one can easily detect any unusual price variations.

Be an active social media follower: A lot of independent social media pages are worth following.You can keep track of these mistake fares on Twitter, Facebook groups and forums dedicated to ‘travel hacking’. So if you are socially connected, when one does happen, you are amongst the first one to know.

Believe it or not, airline pricing errors happen all the time! And the next time they do, you know you need to make your online flight bookings right away.

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