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Known as the financial hub of Central America, Panama City is also the capital of Panama and is blessed with lyrical landscapes, astounding history, great food, and a thriving night life. In the Panama City, you will find two extremes; on one side are modern restaurants bustling with people drinking in merriment and dancing the night off, where on the other side there are the ancient colonial ruins. We would suggest you to take this trip, only if you can grab some great flight deals or cheap round-trip flight tickets to Panama City.

Things to do

  • Visit Casco Viejo, a 300-year-old quarter which is Panama City’s most charismatic area because of its Spanish charm. Take a tour of the Promenade, Canal Museum, History Museum, and Presidential Palace.
  • Explore the streets and market of Plaza de la Independencia for its appetizing cheap meals.
  • Visit the Metropolitan Park, a huge urban waterfront park. You could also choose to hike to the top to witness the panoramic view of Panama City and the famous Panama Canal.
  • See the famous Panama Canal and soak in the breathtaking beauty of sparkling beaches, cliff drops, and the flourishing tropical forests.
  • Witness the ruins of a once thriving city, the Panama Viejo.
  • See the Amador Causeway that connects four small islands that were once the US force bases but are now merely a tourist attraction with some good restaurants and bars, cycling tracks, and jogging areas.

Typical Costs

The city accepts both Panamanian Balboa (PAB) and USD. Broadly, on an average your per day budget for a Panama City holiday would be approximately around 40-50 USD given you take the cheapest options in transport, accommodation, and food.

Accommodation: For a dorm room, expect to pay around 10-20 USD/night, while 30-40 USD/night for a private room. A budget hotel here would be between 35-90 USD/night for a double occupancy. You could also opt for a hotel with lesser amenities or an Airbnb shared accommodation for 20 USD/night.

Food: We suggest you to try some delicious and authentic local food available for as cheap as 4 USD at the stalls. A meal such as a pizza would be around 10 USD and a fine dining experience will cost you around 45 USD. Beer is averagely available across the city for 2 USD.

Transportation: You could opt for public transport such as a bus which is merely 0.5 USD; alternatively, you could rent a bicycle for 10 USD but be cautious because the traffic is a mess in the Panama City. If you need to take a taxi, opt for Uber Pool, it is cheaper than the other high price taxis.

With the humidity always high around the year, the best time to visit the city is to get your air plane tickets for the summer season from mid-December to mid-April. Keep our travel guide in mind and have a budgeted holiday in the Panama City. Safe Journey!

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