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Who does not aspire to travel in business class flights? After all these business class seats are the most luxurious and comfortable one’s and to top it. However, we all will agree with another aspect that while flight tickets are expensive, business class tickets are way out of league for many.

Well, this is not the case anymore. There are a few ways to get business class International Air ticket at discounted rates. Do not believe us, read on to know more.

Redeem Points and Miles: When you are a frequent traveler you have a trump card in your hand. Ensure that you always travel through one Airlines Company alone. This will ensure that you have maximum points or miles accumulated of that one company. Now, once you have enough of the points, you can simply redeem them by opting for a business class seat. In a way, you will get to travel in business class and enjoy all the perks without having to shell out much

Stalk their Ticket Prices: If it has become your obsession to travel in business class flights then start stalking the same. Keep an eye on the ticket prices like a hawk. Many airlines companies in slack season or at times on slack days of the week, when not many are opting for their business class seats are known to offer discounts to increase their occupancy rate. Grab these golden chances and avail them. However, as we said you need to literally stalk these airlines companies to ensure that you hit the iron when it’s hot.

Play the Upgrade game: Many airlines are also known to offer business class upgrade options to their loyalists or frequent flyers. So, ideally you buy an economy seat and in case if the aircraft has extra business class seats, then they offer them to you at a premium rate or at a fee. All, you need to do is pay the fee and upgrade the seat. Now, if you do your math you will realize that the cost of your usual flight ticket plus the upgrade fee is way less than the normal business class flight ticket. It is like a win-win situation for both you and the airlines.

Decide on your luxury: Ideally an aircraft has various categories other than business class and economy. While business class will be the best in class they also have something like economy premium that is between these two categories. Have a check on that as the tickets for economy premium seats are way less than the business class one’s. This way you can get to fly in a comfortable manner without having to shell out an exorbitant amount.

Red Eye Flights: Many Red eye flights are known to offer discounted business class tickets. So, keep an eye on the, and grab the moment.

The above were a few ways you can fly in a comfortable and luxurious way by opting for Business class flights and not having to shell out a lot too.

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