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If travel excites you and you’re all geared up to get flight bookings done for your holiday, then AirTkt advises you to hold on for bit and consider our travel tricks to select the cheapest time to fly in 2019. That way you travel more without breaking your budget. So, if you are not rigid on the time of the holiday, use these smart ways to find the cheapest time to book air flights in 2019 and get going.

Foremost, a lot of research, extreme vigilance, alertness, and advance planning go a long way to get you best flight deals. As per our research, air flight tickets booked at the right time can lead to more savings than a cheap flight deal offer or scheme. Now, before you may ask what is the right time for 2019, AirTkt has it all sorted for you.

We advise you start monitoring your air flight prices from at least 60 days in advance if you are planning to go international and not later than 70-80 days in advance if you need domestic flight tickets. This is ‘The Prime Window’ – one which guarantees lowest airfares than other period. So, take out time to monitor airfare prices on different websites including AirTkt and just book an attractive flight ticket price when it appears.

All airlines have this phenomenon where they offer cheap flight tickets to price conscious travelers who happen to book air flight tickets in advance of their holiday. Flight ticket prices for air flights booked either before or booked later than the prime window period – will be really high. So, remember to always choose to book air flights during this period only. That said, even in this period, the right time to grab best flight deals is to book your flight tickets on days such as Tuesday and Wednesdays which are quieter than Mondays and weekends. Avoid peak season and holiday season flight ticket bookings, instead AirTkt advised you travel on the day of the holiday to ensure you have the cheapest flight deal possible since most people have already left, leading to low airfare prices.

We would also advise you to look our Black Friday deals, Christmas bonanzas, etc. Additionally, track red eye flight prices – early morning or late night air flights have lowest airfares possible. And to add to that, if you have ample time at hand, AirTkt thinks you should grab good flight deals for layover flights rather than taking non-stop flights. Layover flights are always cheaper than non-stop flight and are also more relaxed. Further, opt for budget airlines rather than international ones.

Always search for your flight tickets on incognito mode and use a competitive flight finder such as AirTkt to get best flight deals. Be active and sign up for price alerts on email, subscribe to the airlines newsletter, and follow their social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Moreover, always be alert to spot any mistake airfare price. Once you find one, book your flight tickets right away. Keep in mind these useful tips on timings and you will never miss a cheap flight deal in 2019.

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