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So, you’re planning to visit the U.S. You’ve book your flight tickets, packed your bags, checked all documents, and set everything right to visit the most powerful country in the world. Well, but there is still something you must know before you take that air flight to visit the land of barbeque and lilac mountains. Here are AirTkt’s travel etiquette tips when traveling to the USA. 

Remember to leave a tip

Well, When in America do, as Americans like. And the Americans for sure like to receive a tip for the services they render to you. So, no matter you’re eating in a restaurant, staying at a hotel, drinking coffee, etc. you should leave a tip, otherwise it can be considered rude. Though some restaurants already add a gratuity fee in their bill, it is best to check and tip accordingly.

Don’t use slangs

Contrary to what you see in the movies, not all Americans use slang or prefer communicating in that way. Hence, it is appropriate to avoid using slangs and instead study the surroundings and adapt their speaking style to gel well. Especially, in the case of women, avoid using – babe, broad, chick, etc. it can be considered derogatory.

Check before smoking

Well, in America it is not safe to assume you can smoke anywhere. Some of the American cities have strictest laws in the world in concern of smoking in bars, malls, clubs, restaurants, etc. Cities such as New York, Washington DC, Seattle, Chicago, and others have banned smoking in such places.

Be on time

Americans are very punctual so if you have a meeting at 8 pm, you should arrive a couple of minutes extra rather than late. Even in the case of informal meetings, you should be on time.

Respect personal space

Americans usually prefer talking to a new person from about a distance of two feet; hence, remember that aspect. Eventually, once you’re acquainted the barrier breaks down. Also, remember that Americans prefer a firm handshake rather than hugging, kissing, or touching on the first meet.

Avoid titles

Titles such as Sir and Madam might seem respectful but in the U.S. people do not refer to each other in that manner. Sir and Madam are titles reserved for people of higher ranks, such as Madam Secretary of State, etc. In America, people call each other by their first names, even informal business meetings.

Avoid certain sensitive topics

When in America, the best strategy while having a conversation is to stay clear of controversial topics such as politics, racism, homosexuality, religion, etc. Hence, it is best to not discuss anything related to these issues or make comments that might offend the other person. Also, remember to not discuss any matters of wealth and money; it might be perceived as a privacy intruder.

Like all other countries, even the U.S has customary behavior, which the foreign tourists are expected to know and follow. Trust this guide by AirTkt, and be stress-free. Also, we would advise you to cover your trip through the international travel protection program that provides for trip cancellation, trip delays, baggage delays, emergency medical expenses, and more. And don’t forget to take AirTkt’s travel assistance services available at a very minimum cost, but provide a host of post-ticketing benefits.

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