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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJwAAAAJGRiZDE4ZDIyLTQxYzctNDMxYS1hMGI2LWMzYTQzMWM4NzAwZQIn our day to day conversations when we come across certain coincidences or people who we do not expect to meet but suddenly are confronted with we tend to exclaim “Oh, what a small world”.

In reality however, it’s just the opposite. It’s only when we want to go somewhere that we comprehend the distances and that the world is pretty huge. That’s when we come up with the concept of destinations-thousands of them out of which hundreds of them are undiscovered and unexplored. It’s an exciting prospect to travel to these different locales and imbibe in their activities and cultures.

We have picked out the following continents as wonderful travel destinations:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America

There are thousands of activities to be undertaken when travelling to these countries and we can categorize them to sort out our preferences when visiting .We need to get into details of transportation, activities,  hotels, food and finally the most important, cheap flights to the destination and back.

Our preferences can be itemized on the following premises:

  • Adventures
  • Beaches and Sun
  • Destinations
  • Mountains and Hill StationsCosta-Rica7Nov (1)

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