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Hectic work culture doesn’t discriminate while causing stress in everyone’s life. Only an adventure trip lends a hand to take people to the world of excitement and thrill. As you all know that India is a land of yoga. On the other hand, this country is an abundance of sages, ancient culture and adventure.  Many adventurous sites in India unleash an intrepid side of everyone.  People feel invigorated when they will go on adventure tours in India. However, people are still bewildered about where to go and whom to contact for air flights to go on adventure travel destinations. No need to worry, when AirTkt is here to rescue this situation. AirTkt doesn’t fall behind in providing the lowest airfare and best flight deals. We also understand what a customer wants, that’s why a list of 7 popular Indian adventure travel destinations is mentioned below.

  1. Picturesque Leh and Ladakh –

This cold desert enchants you in every possible sense. One part gives you a chance to witness sturdy landscape and another side gives you a view of panoramic topography. In Leh and Ladakh, you can do white water rafting which is surely an adrenaline-charged activity. You must witness Zanskar River with high cliffs by booking cheap flight tickets on AirTkt.

  1. Tranquil Andaman –

In Andaman, deep blue crystalline lagoons and serene beaches dazzle your eyes in a most spellbinding way. Besides that, you can encounter prepossessing marine life by scuba diving here. From lethal sharks to adorable fishes, you get surprised in every second of your life. Don’t miss a chance to book a flight on AirTkt now.

  1. Enthralling Coorg –

This place rejuvenates your soul and gives you ample chances to live your life to the fullest. In Coorg, you get a life changing experience through a wildlife safari in Nagarhole National Park. Not only that, Coorg is well stocked with majestic waterfalls, bewitching valleys, captivating streams and forests. AirTkt gives you an awesome chance to book your flight at the lowest airfare.

  1. Undaunted Goa –

Goa is not only famous for its riveting beaches and Feni. Varying water sports activity can be enjoyed here. What about Banana Surfing! You can do Banana surfing in the unsullied waves on the banana surfs of Goa beaches. How about to book a flight at a very reasonable price?  AirTkt offers huge options for cheap flight tickets to book this destination right now.

  1. Deserted beauty Rajasthan –

Rajasthan is full of folklore about the valour of kings and the splendid beauty of queens. This place is bliss for adventure junkies. From hot air ballooning to dune bashing, you can be amused by numerous adventurous activities. Besides that, you can also enjoy camel safari, wildlife safari, camping and many more.

  1. God’s land Uttarakhand –

Uttarakhand is a divine place for pilgrimage. However, this place is a heaven of trekking options. The best seasonal trek place is the Valley of Flowers. Here you climb high-altitude Himalayan valley which is surrounded by 300 different varieties of alpine flowers. With AirTkt you get the best flight deals which you shouldn’t skip.

  1. Surreal Meghalaya –

The north-east part of India is counted as the most striking and breathtaking beauty around the world. And, Meghalaya gives varying adventure options which can transform your monotones life into an excited one. Here, you can do canyoning, boating, cycling, rappelling, camping etc. You can book air flights with the best flight deals on AirTkt. AirTkt assures that customers can book their trip with cheap flight tickets.

You don’t need to futz around with complicated searches since you are at ease with this list of best adventure destinations of India.

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