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Travelling solo is an art that gives you the peace you seek to find. Exploring a place in your comfort, at your pace, in your style, and by the means you choose is complete bliss. Freedom to travel solo is one you should use at least once in life. Well, if you decide to do so, keep in mind AirTkt’s safety, stress, and savings tips for the solo traveler that will ensure you have a great experience.

Ensure Your Safety

Mingle in the crowd: When exploring the place on your own, make sure to not draw any necessary attention towards you. Wear clothes similar to the locals, stay in crowded areas, avoid wearing jewelry or flashy items, and do not interfere in other’s matter. Be confident and approach people calmly and smartly.

Plan in Advance: Because you are traveling alone, you must pre plan all your days, get your accommodation booked, have the routes figured out, sort the transportation, as well as buy tickets online wherever possible.

Carry Safety Essentials: While you are out and about the city, please carry some safety essentials such as a pepper spray, flashlight, medical kit, etc. Keep a friend or family in the loop of your whereabouts.

Reduce Stress

Be Active and in Touch: Be vigilant about your trip, check-in online, confirm the status of your flight, verify departure and arrival airport, confirm transportation to-from the airport, and arrive at the airport on time. Stay in touch with your family and friends through any mobile tracking app; keep them informed about your activities.

Pack Light and Pack Smart: When you’re traveling solo, you do not want to be dragging a heavy suitcase all around or asking people for help, so best is to pack smart and light. Plan wisely and keep your essentials but do not overstock.For the flight, carry your travel pillow, earplugs, eye mask, and some in-flight entertainment – books, magazines, downloaded content, songs, etc.

Save Money

Book in Advance: Booking in advance is a guaranteed medium to get cheaper flight rates. For domestic destinations within the U.S. you should start monitoring fares 70-80 days in advance and for international destinations, you should check fares before 60 days of departure. This is the Prime Booking Window, and one should book the tickets as soon as a low fare strikes. Also, get your hotel bookings and transportation sorted before in hand to pay cheap rates and avoid any last-minute hassles.

Evade Single Supplements: Look out for any single supplement fees that your hotel or a cruise operator might charge you for. The fee is too high, and you should avoid any such hotel or event that costs you so much money. Check with holiday companies for solo packages and carefully analyze all options.

That said, we strongly recommend you to give yourself a fair chance and explore the world on your own terms. Keep in mind our guidelines and you will have a great trip!

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