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Tired of searching for cheap flights for your next holiday? Worried about the rising air ticket prices but no luck with finding cheap flight deals? Well, AirTkt really understand your situation and hence, have got the perfect solution that will help you find cheap flights in 2019. So, plan ahead because 2019 is going to get a lot more exciting.

Step 1: Turn your search engine in incognito mode and use a competitive flight finder

Foremost thing to do before you start hurriedly searching for flight tickets to your destination is – to keep your browser in incognito mode. Some websites do tend to push up the airfare prices based on your search activity. Next, do use a competitive flight finder such as AirTkt so that you get to choose from the best flight deals.

Step 2: Be flexible with dates, time, airport, destination (if possible)

Flexibility is really the thumb rule to finding cheap flights in 2019. Higher the flexibility, more chances of grabbing the best flight deals. Choose dates that are unpopular and do not fall in the peak or the holiday season. Select air flights at odd timings – late night or early morning air flights are cheaper. Also, try evaluating airfare prices of air flights from different airports. Popular airports witness more footfalls and hence, result in high flight ticket prices. Moreover, it is even better, if you do not have a rigid destination in mind and can travel anywhere. This flexibility lets you grab best flight deals.

Step 3: Opt for layover flights

No doubt that we all want to save time and hence, opt for non-stop flights. But if you stop to think, a layover flight is a great idea to. One it is cheap, second it lets you relax on a long flight, and third, it adds a destination to your trip. A layover flight has cheaper airfare prices than a non-stop flight, any day.

Step 4: Evaluate round trip vs. single tickets

If you are wise, you know what we imply here. Sometimes, round trip flight tickets are expensive than two one-way tickets. So, always check the prices of both the options before blindly opting for round trip tickets.

Step 5: Use your special status

A lot of airlines, in fact mostly all airlines today offer discounted air flights for students, military personnel, elderly, etc. Some airlines might also offer additional facilities such as baggage waivers, lounge accessibility, and much more. So, always remember to check with the airline for any special discounts for status.

Step 6: Redeem your miles

One very effective way to get cheaper flight tickets is to redeem those miles while booking air flight tickets. Use your loyalty points to grab flight deals on you bookings for 2019.

Step 7: Check for flight deals on airlines social media accounts

The last step before you finally decide on the booking airfare price – is to check for flight deals on airline’s social media account such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Many a times, the airlines launch a special discount offer on flight ticket prices on these platforms. Hence, be updated and check regularly.

Use these steps and make the most of your 2019. Travel the world, take off!

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