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Traveling for Christmas is always something we all look forward to and the best part about the Christmas holidays is the entire festive and joyous ambiance of Christmas. Well, Christmas is indeed the most loved and celebrated holiday of the entire year and if you are looking to spend your Christmas elsewhere than home, then we got the perfect ideas for you. AirTkt has listed these Christmas holidays international travel ideas that will have you book your flight tickets right away and get ready to fly off.



Christmas is a highly celebrated festival in Malta and one that affects people religiously as well as socially. The people of the Maltese Island actively participate in the festivities with full vigor and enjoy nativity scenes, a show of cribs, carols, and many other little sweet events that keep popping up in the locality. Do visit the St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta to experience the amazing candlelit carol singing. Baroque parish churches are also splendidly decorated. Visiting cribs is a highlight of Christmas in Malta and people also love going to the annual pantomime at the Manoel Theatre. Moreover, the entire city is lit and all restaurants, bars, clubs are swaying in the joy of Christmas to give you the perfect celebrations.



The 18-day Christmas celebrations at Bath are nothing short of magical merriment. The twinkling chalets, beautiful Georgian streets, amazing shopping destinations, delicious food, and the spectacular Christmas market – all of this will leave you in awe of Christmas celebrations at Bath. Moreover, there is a lot of Christmas craft, festive wreath, delicious brunches and lunches, and the gorgeous Christmas decorations that will surely melt your heart.



The city is a dream at Christmas and around that time of the year. It is full of Christmas romance, fairs, markets, concerts, nativity scenes, theme parties, and spectacular decorations that are absolutely divine. Moreover, the midnight mass, the amazing food, sports events, Christmas lights, and trees add more charm to the city during this time.



Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus and a must-visit if you want to celebrate this festival in its genuine form. There is a Santa Claus Village where Christmas comes nearly a month before and the entire aura of the place is beyond magical. Another event to look out for during this time is December 23, when Santa Claus heads off to distribute the present of Christmas. You can also meet the Reindeers that play a special role in Santa’s life; there are multiple reindeer sleigh rides and farm visits that you can go to.



They call it Germany’s Christmas city for a reason. Christmas in Nuremberg is all about the tingling smell of mulled wine, rum punch, almonds, cinnamon, cloves, and delicious gingerbread. The place is enchanted with Christmas magic and festivity including traditional markets, handmade decorations, culinary treats, and the red and white painted canvas. Also, if you are lucky you might witness the overwhelming city while it snows during the time of Christmas and lights the city with sparkles and twinkles.


Well, these places are definitely worth visiting for Christmas if you really want to override with the joy of this day. So, do not wait any longer because Christmas is near and you, must book your flight tickets soon. Merry Christmas!


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