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Eco-friendly is not just a passing trend that can be ignored but is instead the need of the hour and one that needs our centralized focus. The planet can only be saved if every human being respects the need for its protection and contributes in its own way to save the environment. One such area where we can increasingly show the contribution to the environment by being more eco-friendly is the way we travel. So, here are 10 tips from AirTkt which you must consider for eco-friendly traveling.

Choose an eco-friendly travel group

Before finalizing your travel group, check with your agents about the eco-friendly policies they follow and how they give back to the environment. Also, while booking flight tickets for airlines, check their environmental policies and book the one which contributes most towards environment protection.

Pack light

The more you pack, the heavier your luggage gets which ultimately means the airplane will weigh more and then release more carbon emissions creating more pollution. However, if you pack light, you can contribute your bit towards the environment. Remember every kilo counts while flying, so take only what you really need.

Use public transportation

Whenever and wherever possible travel via public transportation while you travel, this helps save on the fuel and the resultant carbon emissions into the environment. Lesser number of vehicles means low carbon pollution and a healthy environment. So, do your bit and choose buses, metros, rails, etc. instead of private cars, rental cars, taxis, etc.

Eat local

Local food is made of local ingredients, which implies there was lesser pollution in obtaining these ingredients as they were readily available and did not have to be purchased from another store that needed to be driven to. It also acts as an encouragement for the local residents and on the other hand, gives you a different experience.

Avoid plastic bottles

Give up the habit of purchasing a plastic mineral water bottle while you are on the go. Instead, be responsible and remember to carry an aluminum or a spill-proof tumbler along with you so that you do not have to depend on plastic which ultimately fuels its demand leading to more pollution.

Shop locally

Encourage local businesses and avoid carrying extra baggage filled with home country material since that will add to the weight of the airplane. Moreover, carry a reusable bag for shopping and do not take plastic carry bags.

Be responsible

One thing that as an eco-friendly tourist one must do is to ensure you leave no trail of waste, litter, filth, etc, behind. Clean everything before you leave and drop the waste in the dustbin. Instead, if you can pick up the trash that litters the travel sights while you visit these places.

Take non-stop flights

Although expensive, non-stop flights are eco-friendlier than layover flights because the maximum fuel consumed by aircraft is while takeoff and landing. Hence, it is best to avoid multiple stoppages as possible to save on fuel and the resultant carbon emissions.

Drink local beer

Drink locally-grown or brewed beer and contribute your bit towards the environment by avoiding unnecessary carbon footprints that would be released in the transportation of imported beer to the travel destination.

Treat the hotel like home

Do not misuse hotel services and amenities such as light, water, heat, cooling, towels, sanitary items or toiletries. Use as much is required and feel as if it were your own home where you would be paying for these services – your efforts will automatically improve.

That said, eco-friendly traveling is increasingly gaining more popularity and as responsible human beings, we must follow these tricks as well as encourage other people to do so too. Happy eco-traveling!

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