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Flights are the most expensive part of any trip. Finding cheap flights is a battle that we all want to win. Who doesn’t want to save those dollars and splurge them on the trip? Well, we all want to. We want our travel to as cheap yet comfortable as possible. Finding cheap airfare is not an easy task, it requires perfection in fare analysis, spontaneity in booking, depth in research for flight deals and discounts, flexibility of dates, and so much more. If two or more factors sync well, then you are victorious in finding the best cheap flights. We’ve got some great tricks to ensure you grab the best flight deals.

  • Search incognito and clear cookies: Before you search for cheap flight tickets online, ensure your browser is in incognito mode and all cookies are cleared.
  • Booking tickets within the ‘Prime Window’: Monitored advance booking guarantees cheap fares. Book your domestic tickets 70-80 days and international tickets 60 days before departure. This is the Prime Window and travelers should monitor airfares on different booking websites and pounce on an attractive price.
  • Use best flight finder: Use competitive flight finder and get cheap flights tickets than booking through an agent, the airline or an average flight finder. Deploy an aggressive flight finder and search for cheap flights on your selected dates or flight prices for alternative dates (if flexible).
  • Compare prices: Compare flight ticket prices and do not blindly book the first flight that pops up your search results; compare flight ticket prices that may be not the cheapest but have better service coverage, baggage inclusion, etc.
  • Be flexible: Be flexible about dates, flight time, and airport. Search for flights during undesirable days and time. Consider booking flight tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday, which are comparatively quieter than Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays when airfares are high. Choose to fly out on the day of the holiday, when most people have already left. Prepare for red-eye flights that have fewer people competing over the seats. Check for alternate flight timings and airports.
  • Choose connecting flights: Choose a layover flight if there is no rush.
  • Sign up for price alerts: Sign up for price alerts and be the first to know about dropping airfares and great flight deals.
  • Follow airlines’ social media accounts and newsletter: Follow the airlines’ social media accounts that may have schemes, promotions, and discounts running time to time.

Finding a cheap flight ticket is a trick, one should master. If you’ve read the tricks, be sure to apply them on your next booking and save huge bucks. Cheaper the airplane flights, happier the traveler!


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