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Well, if the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, the culture and beauty of India, the mysterious Taoist caves of China, the temples of Thai, the breathtaking landscape of Philippines…have been on your travel list, then you have to wait no longer because AirTkt got you this list of low cost airlines in Asia that can provide cheap flight tickets to the place of your dream in Asia without breaking your bank.


This Malaysia-based low budget airline serves more than 160 destinations across 25 countries, including Asia. The airline operates several subsidiaries such as AirAsia X, AirAsia Berhad, AirAsia Indonesia, Philippines Air Asia, Thai Air Asia, AirAsia India, and more. The airline provides lowest airfares by restricting the carry-in baggage, on-board food and beverages, as well as a very strict refund and cancellation policy.


Also India’s largest passenger airline, Indigo has a fleet of 126 Airbus aircrafts that connect 37 domestic, 6 international flights via more than 800 daily air flights. The airline provides cheap airfares especially in Asia and has great reputation fro being on-time always. The air flight is all economy class with comfortable, adequate seating, cleanliness, and basic carry-on baggage policy. It does not offer free meals but allows passengers to bring their own food on-board. Priority check-in is available upon extra fee payment.

Jetstar Asia

This Australia based carrier has one of the lowest airfares in Australia-Pacific region and provides air flights in Asia at really cheap airfares. Though it has limited air flights operating on Asia connecting specific countries such as Singapore, Japans, Indonesia, China and Thailand; the airline has two-tie cabin system, food and drinks available upon payment, in-flight entertainment screens and iPads, and more. Travellers have to pay for baggage cost.


Though small, this subsidiary of Singapore airlines has great low airfare prices for flight tickets connecting Asia, China, and Australia. The airline offers two-tier cabin system, with its business class providing 10.4-inch personal entertainment screens and 38-inches of pitch. For the economy flight tickets, the airline offers in-flight entertainment through rental iPads. It also gives the economy flight ticket travellers an option for ‘Stretch’ seats that provide just a little bit more comfort and legroom than basic economy flight tickets.

Air India Express

This India-based low cost airline is a subsidiary of the famous Air India airline. The express operates 596 air flights averagely in a week with only single-class seating option for all 180 passengers on board. It connects 13 international and four domestic destinations. An Air India Express flight tickets provides its passenger free on-board meals, as well as liberal baggage options.

Well, be smart and select the best low cost airline in Asia to travel one the most beautiful continents in the world with diversely rich countries.

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