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Thanks to technology and smart devices, the physical workplaces are being replaced by virtual workspaces. Today, most of us require just a speedy internet connection and a smart device to access all our work, emails and messages on the run. That’s given rise to a new breed of professionals who believe in remote-working and traveling around the world in search of their passion. They are called digital nomads. If you are one of them, then you need to be in these cities for the best internet and cost of living:

 Bali, Indonesia 

This is not just a natural paradise but also a heaven for remote-working professionals, freelancers and digital nomads. Why? One, it has a low cost of living. Two, the internet is blazing. And three, it’s Bali! DO you really need another reason? With average rentals of US$340, you can’t ask for more!

 Chiang Mai, Thailand     

Not too far from Bali is a place in Thailand- Chiang Mai. This place is buzzing with a large community of digital nomads from all over the world. Plus, it has erstwhile temples, scenic nature and bustling ethos, which will take your productivity to a new high. That’s not all, this place has probably one of the cheapest accommodation and food in Asia. If you want to work, there are plenty of 24-hour cafes and co-working spaces. You can even declutter at free yoga and meditation centers all around this artsy city. The average rental is US$200. Can you beat that?

 Lisbon, Portugal 

From Asia to Europe, Lisbon is a nirvana for the digital nomad community. With a chilled out vibe of the city, the digital nomads can work at their own pace. Be it commercial co-working spaces or the bygone bohemian cafes, Lisbon gets your creative juices flowing for any project. And when you are done, enjoy the peppy nightlife and the sun-kissed beaches. It’s more expensive than Asia but is also a gateway to the rest of Europe. Now, that’s not a bad incentive, right? You might have to shell out US$1500 or so per month.

 Medellin, Colombia

You must have heard this city in the popular Netflix classic – Narcos. Yes, the city was once upon a time a haven for criminals like Pablo Escobar and other drug lords but that is all a thing of the past. Today, Medellin is a thriving city for digital nomads, thanks to the recent government spending in technology and digital infrastructure. Get one of the best coffees in the world as the Colombian brew will fuel your efficiency. Plus, you have options to work in plenty of co-working spaces or the relaxed cafes thronging all around the city. There’s an added bonus – the cost of living, which is around US$1000. So, are you moving here soon?

 Sofia, Bulgaria  

Another city that’s gaining a lot of recognition for the digital nomad community in Sofia. It has great broadband connection and public Wi-Fi. Plus, you can connect with European countries like Greece, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia. From mountains to beaches, there’s plenty to explore around Sofia. Your cost of living – around US$1500.

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