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Are you booking online Air tickets? Are you planning to go on a trip? Hold on! There are numerous ways to save when booking online. Booking online travel is easy these days but it doesn’t mean splurging on bookings when you have options to save.

All travelers would love to save and purchase tickets at the minimum cost but are handicapped to locate the source and lack the knowledge to save when traveling. Even if you are a last minute traveler procuring tickets at a cheaper rate is easy.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to save, purchase tickets at a lower cost and consequently make your trip more enjoyable.

  1. Plan in advance

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Travelers claim that booking early saves more than on late bookings, especially during the peak season.  This is because the airlines tend to change fares regularly.

Most passengers wait till the last minute expecting the prices to be cheaper although this does not happen all the time. In fact, they turn out to be more expensive than the tickets purchased in advance.

Therefore, the question here arises as to how early should one book a flight? If you book too early or too late you will end up buying it at a big premium. Ideally, the best time to book your flight is between 3 weeks to 5 weeks ahead for both domestic and international flights. Furthermore, always try to fly in off-season days, those being–

  • After 7th January
  • February (except 14th Feb)
  • September
  • November (1- 15th)
  • December (1- 15th)
  1. Check out the deals and discounts

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There are many flight booking sites or travel agents who offer discounts and deals on air tickets from time to time in association with airlines. When air tickets are not sold or remain unsold then the airlines offer certain discounts which are available for grabs. Sometimes airlines offer seasonal discounts which too can help you save much. Check on some popular travel agents for deals and also look out for booking engines offering last-minute deals or and discounts.

  1. Alternative routes and airport

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Check out the nearest airport of your origin or destination city for your flights. There may be two or more airports nearest to the origin or destination city. For example, if you are getting a cheaper fare from the further airport you may still end up saving a lot by taking a bus ride to that airport rather than paying a higher cost of the ticket from the nearer airport.

  1. Be flexible with Time, Date, and location


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Being flexible while searching flight schedules is another way of finding cheap flights. If you are flexible with dates, days, time, and location then you will end up with a  better deal. Book for early morning or overnight flights and that too on weekdays rather than weekends and you will find that you get cheaper tickets.

  1. Take advantage of your age and occupation


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Yes, you can get a discount on your age and occupation. If you are a senior traveler you can get a discount on your age. Many travel agencies and airlines offer some discounts and offers for a particular section of people or community, for example, the student and the military.

Also, in times of an emergency, many airlines and agencies offer special bereavement fares to alleviate suffering.

  1. Sign up for the newsletter and create an alert

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If you are on the lookout for discounts then be on the alert for any kind of deal being offered by the airlines. To keep your updates flowing in register yourself with the websites of the airlines and air ticket booking sites. Don’t avoid due to the fear you will end up with a load of junk and spam email. Utilize the Gmail Filter and folder for newsletters and sign up for websites that offer deals and discounts. Sign up for:

  • Local Airport
  • Top Airlines
  • Top agencies
  • Booking engines
  1. Search on booking websites


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As stated earlier a number of websites offer good prices and offers. Many top websites suggest or guide travelers for saving time to time. One of the best ones, helps search for cheap flights and book last-minute tickets. Here you will find a list of flights and saving options:

  1. Consider round trips

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To save consider round trip tickets. Go to the airline websites and compare prices. Choose the airline that does not charge change fees. That adds to the potentiality of lower fares. Some airlines have a 30-day maximum limit for round-trip tickets so don’t make journey plans longer than that.

  1. Use just carry on

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Avoid airlines that have a charge on check-in baggage. Some airlines have a free baggage policy for certain routes and destinations. Different airlines have different baggage policies. Visit their individual sites and check one by one. We, at, have made this list easy, so just click and know all airlines baggage policies

  1. Some more tips

If you are planning to fly in peak season then get to the airport early and be at the boarding gate on time.

  1. Have a look at the baggage policy on the airline website and check the guidelines and policies and save money.
  2. Check the weather as well as it can easily ruin a trip.
  3. Avoid traveling in a peak season and on the weekends.
  4. Use several websites to search and compare the fares and then book.
  5. Get a refund in case fares go down after you have booked the flight.

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