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By the time you finish reading this article, you must have received a few emails, messages, missed calls and social media notifications. Wish you could have a breather from all those updates, technology and gadgets? Great, we have just the places for your digital detox:

Head down under at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Safari Camp – Exmouth, Australia

This beach safari camp is a paradise, which is enclosed in the dunes of Western Australia. With fifteen eco-luxuriant tents overlooking the Indian Ocean and the embellishing Ningaloo Reef, you will disconnect from all devices and connect straight with nature.

Chill by the hammock as those endless waves bring music to your ears. You can even paddle on a little Kayak and explore the waterways or swim along with the teeming marine life comprising whale sharks and humpback whales here.

No gadget mode in The Hideout Koh Yao, Thailand 

This accommodation is the perfect digital detox destination in a tropical paradise in Thailand. On top of that, you have several wellness and mindfulness programs to regain composure and sanity from everyday anxiety. That’s why, no gadgets, screens or smart devices are allowed here. It’s the perfect place for some me-time as you relax on this open-air treetop space, which inspires you to meditate and connect with your inner self.

The Arctic Hideaway – Fleinvær, Norway

Imagine a place where there are no shops, cars and of, course no stress. We are talking about The Arctic Hideaway, which houses four private homes and five social spaces on a remote island. So, what’s interesting here? Unwind as you witness the sea spray and arctic light intermingling on the island. Go for fishing or just hop on various islands. There is also rock climbing and hiking for adventure.

Get back in mental and physical shape at the Ranch Malibu 

When you think of Malibu, you think of celebrities and luxury. But this place is anything but a spa, resort or luxury. The Ranch is a unique place to get back your fitness and mojo thanks to its result-oriented, fitness and wellness programs. They rejig your mind and body through intensive fitness and wellness routine, which is go well with a complex plant-based nutritional diet. Get ready for eight hours of daily exercise, which includes core and ab workouts, hikes, treks, yoga, weights and body toning. And guess what? Sleep is a major ingredient of the program so sleep tight to get your fitness right.

The Windflower Tusker Trails – Bangalore, India 

First things first, this place has no Wi-Fi or cellphone service. But you won’t mind that at the Windflower Tusker Trails, lies in the exotic jungles of South India. It is just the place for you to unplug. One major incentive – you are right next to the Bandipur Project Tiger reserve. That means you can spot a few tigers while you are in the lap of luxury with an infinity pool and a hot stone massage.

Digital detox for you?

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