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It is fulfilling with a healthy lifestyle to go around and experience both novel and classic fun things while you are traveling, especially if you are on holiday. But while it is reasonable to have a good time and indulge in local cuisines, do get some sort of exercise in your regime to make the best of your perfect holiday. I will show you how to mix pleasure with wellness when you are on the go because travel is about experience and purpose; and good health, through these small tips, is a solid enabler to those ends!

Hydration is the key

I have seen that one of the first things to fall by the wayside when we travel is water consumption. It may be alright not to drink at regular intervals or to ignore drinking enough fluid because you’re concerned about your gall bladder bursting! However, not only can dehydration run in quickly, it may also come with side effects such as headaches, lethargy and aggravate your chances of rare constipation. Since we know this is an issue, we always down an additional glass or two of water during summer. And I deliberately said water, not soda.

Depending on which part of the world you are traveling, take along quality purified water bottle to fill up at taps. Or if you are visiting a destination where water is not safe to drink, store some water bottles or trudge along quality filtered water bottle. It pays to examine the safety of the water before you even reach your destination.

If you’re visiting a more heated climate than you are used to, you’ll want to increase your daily intake of water as well.

Keep to a balanced diet:

I know you are on holiday. It is time to celebrate on desserts, try those superb pastries each morning for breakfast, and indulge your senses to those exotic local cuisines. But watch out! It is so easy to overindulge and eat more of those intriguing morsels during mealtimes. Try to keep a diet chart similar to the one you would have had at your home and eat a variety of fresh fruits, veggies and high fiber foods. That’s not to say you have to avoid local food just because they are not the best nutritional choice – go for balanced meals. Exploring new cuisines is all part of the adventure; strive for a balance of indulgence and healthy eating.

Get plenty of rest:

Try to keep to a sleep system similar to what you would have at home and try to get enough sleep. If you usually wake up at a certain time and prefer to take a walk or jog at a certain time, your body’s normal rhythm can get thrown off once you alter your patterns. The same thing applies if you decide to stretch yourself from dawn to dusk, staying up late every evening, then running the ground each morning. Without adequate rest, you can more quickly succumb to illness.

Give your body time to adjust:

Just as with not getting sufficient rest, it is significant to give your body time to adapt to a new schedule. If you switched time zones, your body would not recognize when it’s time to sleep, eat. A different common issue for me is not waking up quickly enough before a flight to relieve myself, which sets me up for random constipation. Your body requires time to adapt to a tour. Strive to follow a similar morning routine as you would at the roof to keep your body happy.

Keep active:

Avoid sitting for long periods and assure you to walk and stay engaged while traveling. If you are planning a long road trip, make regular stops to stretch your legs, have a drink, or use the toilet. If you are on a long flight, get up frequently and walk alongside the aisles. It might be smart to set a timer on your phone as a reminder. An extra tip is avoid placing yourself in the window seat where you’ll have to ask strangers to move each time you want to get up. If you are waiting for your flight, don’t just sit at the airport working on your laptop or being on phone. Get up and walk!

Sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize:

Wet-wipes and hand sanitizers must be in your bag whether you’re going to New York or Morocco. You will regularly touch door handles, money, crosswalk buttons, and escalator handrails. Additionally, depending on where you’re flying, you might not have a way to those sinks to wash your hands after using the toilet. And that involves no-one else does either! Come ready for all conditions and sanitize more often.

As the COVID-19 pandemic still rises over us, you want to hold this a habit along with regular hand washing. Wipe EVERYTHING down on the plane. Don’t touch your face after touching the handle on the bus and hold using your shirt to push button on the crosswalk or use your knuckle to hit the buttons in the elevator.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy every bit of your travel the healthy way!

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