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Did you miss the bus? Got a little late in booking your travel plans? It happens, especially in today’s day and age where we all are busy in the humdrum of life. Don’t worry, you’re still not late. Your best bet would be to catch last-minute flight deals. So, sit back, relax and go through our tips to save money on last-minute flights.

Use a flight map

Yes, some portals have this facility. They have map tools ready with them to help you find the cheapest flight. Select your dates and departure airport and then go through the map for a flight that suits your pocket.

Nothing like a call

No matter how much tech-savvy we become, nothing can replace the charm of making a call directly. So, call the airlines directly and try to explain your urgency of the situation. Provide all the details to them and the airline would surely help you if they consider your case to be a genuine one.

Crack-of-dawn flight

Popularly known as red-eye flights also, these crack-of-dawn-flights (flights that fly at odd-hours) have few unfilled seats and are often less expensive than midday flights.

Reward Points

Credit card calls can be such a downer. But exceptions are always there. Agreed, there are no free lunches in this world, but some of these credit cards have exciting offers and reward points or ongoing schemes. These can really help you in getting good discounted prices and generating bulk-business. So, don’t ignore those calls you receive from the credit card companies next time.

 Follow and follow-up

Your favorite airlines post last-minute deals on their twitter handles, so follow them on social media. Also, it makes sense to follow-up with our OTAs, airlines or travel agents after enquiring about the availability of any discounted ticket. You never know when you might strike gold and get an unbelievable travel offer. We know you don’t want a clogged inbox but signing up for airline newsletters can benefit you if you pay attention to it. They provide flash sales and promo codes in these newsletters daily.

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