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Being a subtropical state, Louisiana winters are mild. When visiting this place, the things you must check out are local food, museums, art, music and theater destinations and a hidden attraction or two. And Louisiana has it all.

  1.  Some blast from the past    

The LSU Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge dedicates the 18th– and 19th-century rural Louisiana history. It operates under the Louisiana State University and has the largest collection of such artefacts in the world. The museum celebrates the rich and diverse contributions of the various cultural groups that have called it home over time – natives of French, Spanish, Native American, German, African, Acadian and Anglo-American heritage. The museum offers guided tours on advanced booking. It surely is a good place to go when the mercury is dropping.

  1.  The artsy vibe

    Next on the list is art. And Royal Street in New Orleans sports historic architecture and art galleries with sculptures, paintings and mixed media art. There you have a very Insta-friendly destination!
  2. Time to get a little flirty

    If art isn’t really your thing, right next to Royal Street is the Bourbon Street. It is teeming with nightclubs and is infamous for debauchery. You know what else New Orleans is known for, right? Jazz, bars, rock-and-roll, the party never stops. There are even Frank Sinatra Tribute Acts. Now that is something you don’t want to miss. Take our word for it.
  3. Get close to nature 

Louisiana is a state with a rich and diverse history, as is it is clear in the number of museums, historic parks and restored plantations. The Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie was restored by a couple in 1925 and upgraded with modern plumbing and kitchen. Another testament to Louisiana’s history is Dr. Charles Smith African–American Heritage Museum, that’s within Dr. Charles Smith’s yard itself.

  1.  To the departed 

If death and related stuff is your thing, New Orleans is the place to go. The Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in the city is the oldest cemetery in the city. People from over 25 countries are resting in peace at the moment. How cool is that? Imagine the ghosts talking in different languages and accents and dialects! Or maybe don’t until after you have visited the place. There is also the Museum of Death, for that friend who is obsessed with true crime. It features death-related paraphernalia, like macabre torture instruments, letters from serial killers, body bags, antique embalming tools and souvenirs from serial killers.  Beware, it has a no-picture policy, so you better have a photographic memory.

Wondering about the food?

Given its rich history and culture, you can never go wrong with the local dishes. What do you eat if you don’t eat fish in an ocean-lined state?

For those with a sweet tooth, the must-try items are the Doberge cake and beignets.

Who doesn’t love French toast? Pain perdu is Louisiana’s version of the dish. Top it with honey, orange jam, cream and berries!

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