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When we talk about the in-airplane flight meals, the airplane flights today have undergone quite a transformation. From those cold food selections back then to providing regional delicacies by the culinary experts today. Prepping you up for your next airplane flight, AirTkt has created a roundup of Airline meals and snacks guide on top 5 US carriers.

United Airlines

These airlines offer a variety of options based on the length and location of the airplane flight. The snack shop is available on airplane flights over 1.5 hours, costing from 4$-10$. If your airplane flight is over three hours, you can go for the Bistro menu ranging from6$-10$, offering omelets and breakfast sandwiches to thoughtfully crafted burgers and wraps.

Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines have menu reinvented for every season made available by their multiple collaborations with culinary experts. On most airplane flights within the USA, meals are not included for basic economy and main cabin ticket holders. However, some routes feature complimentary meals. Non-alcoholic beverages are free on most US domestic flights. Pre-order meals provide the passengers with option to choose from 18 different special meals. On airplane flights longer than 1.5 hours one can opt for their Flight Fuel Menu that includes continental breakfasts, sandwiches, wraps, fruit platter and a choice of snack boxes.

Jet Blue Airlines

If flying with Jet Blue expect a wide array of complimentary branded snacks and beverages, with the alcoholic ones costing around $7-9. If you are looking for something more, go for the JetBlue’s strongest asset- EatUp Box and EatUp Cafe. The former being a collection of snacks, they are quite a treat! The latter costs somewhere from 3$-12$ and includes a great selection of sandwiches, salads, and platter.

Alaska Airlines

Alaskan airlines offer you a range of flavors inspired by the West Coast Scene. From mango-guava smoothie in the morning flight to Peruvian Roast Chicken dish with fried rice for lunch. They also have brands like Salt & Straw, Teavana, and Starbucks on board.The only problem? None of this is complimentary for main cabin passengers.

Hawaiian Airlines

Offering you the taste of island even before you land! One can expect meal selections from dishes ranging from Yakisoba with mushroom sauce, stir-fried chicken with vegetables and steamed rice to Parmesan and mixed bean salad to, hot ciabatta sandwiches accompanied with vegetables. They also offer a wide array of the island themed drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

When making your next online flight bookings, make sure to visit this AirTkt guide as the dining choices are always worth checking ahead.

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