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You get an insane grab-it-now or lose-it-forever airfare price that tempts you into making an online flight booking right away. But then there is sudden change of plans! Something came up and now you either have to reschedule or cancel your air tickets. Or you boarded the air flight but there seems to unexplained delay or the air flight was unexpectedly cancelled. Now, the dilemma is can you get a refund on plane tickets? Well…Well…Well…there are ways you can get refund on the air tickets and AirTkt has listed them all down for you’re here.

24 hour cancellation window

Most of the airplane flights have a 24 hour-no-charge cancellation into place allowing you to cancel the air tickets as long as you meet the requirements of the rule. This consumer-friendly booking rule has been implemented in a few different ways depending on with which airline you choose to fly.

In case of Delays and Cancellation

If your airplane flight is delayed beyond a specified amount of time or the airline refuses to carry you for any reason, there is a special provision allowing you to apply for a full refund. Example, circumstances like weather or aircraft maintenance issues, where airlines will offer the option of a refund.

Cancelling/ Re-scheduling outside the 24-hour window

If you have to cancel your airplane flight tickets once the 24-hour window has passed, it might end up getting really tricky. Firstly, check for your airline policies regarding the cancellation or rescheduling fees. At times airlines end up waiving off the fee depending on the circumstances like a medical emergency etc. But the chances of full refund are slim, so in case that doesn’t work, it’s better to reschedule the flight tickets on your own paying a little extra cost rather than making an all new air ticket booking. Also travelers who are quite prone to last minute schedule changes should consider booking their airplane flight via the airline itself, as a lot of airlines charge you only the difference in airfare prices on rebooking.

Get insurance

Take up insurance over your non-refundable flight ticket if you can foresee a likelihood of a cancellation. Make sure you carefully review as to what all circumstances the insurance will cover if you need your claim. Insurance will not cover it if you simply decide not to take the airplane flight.

So the next time there is a situation where you have to consider rescheduling or cancellation or have been stuck with delayed air flights, keep these tips by AirTkt handy to help you navigate swiftly for a reimbursement.


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