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Traveling solo is magic for the soul. You discover the intrinsic beauty of things and spend some quality time with yourself. However, when traveling solo, you got to take specific care of a few things. One of your safety is in your hands; second, it could get stressful to manage everything; and third, you will need to stick to a budget and save more on flight tickets to spend later.

Here a few safety, stress, and savings tips for the solo traveler:


  • Adjust to the crowd: When traveling on your own, ensure to not draw any unnecessary attention. Be a part of the crowd. Wear similar clothes, stay in crowded places, do not wear excessively loud jewelry or other flashy things, etc. Moreover, be confident and do not unnecessarily get into any fights.
  • Plan well: To ensure your safety on a solo trip, be sure to plan well in advance. Book your plane tickets, accommodation, commuting mediums, etc. priorly to avoid any issues later.
  • Carry safety items: All safety essentials like pepper spray, flashlight, emergency medical kit, etc. should be carried when you are moving to the travel destination.


  • Pack light: When traveling solo, it is always advisable to pack light and pack smartly. You would be carrying your luggage, so best it to keep it minimal. Plan your days and accordingly, only keep things you would need.
  • Take comfort essentials: Plan wisely and take all your comfort items like a travel pillow, earplugs, eye mask, and some in-flight entertainment so that you are occupied and at peace during the air flight.
  • Be active and stay in touch: Be alert on your trip and stay in touch with your friends and family back home. Keep them informed about your whereabouts and your activities.


  • Grab best flight deals: The best way to save more on your trip is to grab the best flight deals. So, book in advance and get cheap flight rates. For domestic places, you can start searching for flight tickets 70-80 days in advance. For international places, check plane ticket fares before 60 days of departure. Eat local food: When exploring destinations on your own, it is good to indulge in the local food of the place. Local food is delicious and also a light on the pocket.
  • Stay in hostels or budget hotels: On a solo trip, choose accommodations like a hostel room or a budget hotel to save some dollars.
  • Choose local transport: Always rely on public transport systems like the metro, commuter trains, buses, etc. to travel within the cities. In some cases, renting a car is also a good option.

In all, these easy tricks can help you stay safe, manage stress, and save a lot of money on your solo trip. If you enjoy traveling solo, it is always good to take a trip or two every year on your own. To get the best flight tickets, check AirTkt, and grab the cheap plane tickets at the earliest possible. If you are unsure of your trip, you can always choose a refundable ticket option.

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