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Food is a weakness and when combined with culture, it is divine because cultural food is indeed the most special and authentic taste that you can feed yourself. Food is not merely to fill our stomachs but is also to satisfy the soul; soul-stirring foods make you feel as if you were in heaven and tasting the delicacies made by Gods themselves. Well, if that you think is too much then taste these best cultural foods from around the world and decide for yourself.



India must top the list of cultural food because it is indeed enriched with such delicious food varieties that will leave its taste in your mouth forever. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, India has it all in the most exquisite tasting, drooling, and mouth-watering way. Be it the coconut-infused recipes from Kerala, the spicy North Indian food, the rich Wazwan’s of Kashmir, the seafood from Goa, the royal Rajasthani food or the vibrant north-eastern culinary delights – everything about the cultural Indian food is heavenly. Also, the street food in this country is to die for; however, spice is the main ingredient of it all – so be prepared. Check AirTkt for the best flight deals and get going.



Japanese are known for their accuracy, precision, and perfection, and that is applicable even in their food. The country is home to the beloved sushi, udon, ramen, tempura, and soba – all of which are ultimate food recipes, ones you absolutely cannot afford to miss. Also, when in Japan do visit a convenience store and pick up attractive food items from the shelves to discover the unknown. Trust AirTkt, when we suggest this because it is widely known that it is impossible to eat badly in Japan, so all food is good food.



The food in Greece is perfect! – For your taste buds, as well as for an Instagram picture. The olives, feta, cheese, colorful salads, roast meats, fresh fish, courgettes balls, honey, and baklava – all of these are specialties you must try when in Greece. The delicious food, rich culture, and breathtaking scenery will all blow your mind.



Spanish food is must try and one which will arouse a different level of satisfaction upon taste. The cultural food of Spain is beyond rich and delicious, it is divine, soul-stirring! Be it the tapas, croquettes, tortillas, Gazpacho, pesto, cured meats, pulpo a la gallega, bean stews, or paella – all of these foods have the power to overwhelm your senses and take you on a rollercoaster ride.



If you are the foodie who prefers traditional yet simple, rich as well as natural flavors in food then there is nothing better than French cultural food to try. The food makes interesting combinations that bring out the basic flavor in such a manner that it makes your eyes shine and heart dance to melodious tunes. Some of the French foods you must try to include – Soupe à l’oignon, coq au vin, cassoulet, beef bourguignon, chocolate soufflé, flamiche, and confit de canard.


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