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A road trip is a perfect way to explore a new country at your own pace, comfort, with your camera ready to freeze memories that will last a lifetime. A perfect gateway to witness the nature first hand, explore places and roads off beat, and bond over the countless conversations that you can have when driving through. While you might be eager to plan one, post reading this, AirTkt aims to give you some tips you should keep in mind when road tripping to see a new country.

Book in Advance: Always make your rental car booking before in hand and preferably online than in-person, to get cheaper rates and avoid hidden fees.

Opt for a trusted car company: Ensure that your rental car company is registered, has license, and will provide good cars that can endure continuous driving or minimum stoppages, rugged or plain areas, etc. Check the maintenance and quality of the car; before heading out always take a test drive.

Consider the size of the car: You want everyone on the road trip to be comfortable and seated spaciously allowing them a little room to breathe. It is advisable to book a bigger car than the one you actually need to ensure everyone is at ease. Also, you might have to sleep in the car if you head out to the country side and cannot make it to a hotel later. Sounds adventurous right?

Automatic vs. Manual: A road trip means hours of driving and sometimes without any stoppages, in such cases driving a manual car will make you too tired and kill all the fun of a road trip exploration. Hence, AirTkt advises you to book an automatic car for your road trip. Though automatic is fairly more expensive than a manual but you have to set your priorities.

Check Documentation: Before you spin off with your car all excited to begin the trip, ensure that all the necessary car documents are in place; rent agreement is handy; and passport, visa, and other travel documents are safely accessible. Also, please check license requirements of your country. Most English-speaking countries accept American or Canadian driver’s license, but some also require you to have an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Stock Fuel: Always keep your tanks full and be vigilant when fueling your vehicle to not pay any over charge. That said, fuel prices differ by country and awareness always helps.

Get the Insurance: While most companies do not offer insurance coverage in a foreign country, some might help you with alternatives if you inform and consult them in advance. Also, check with your rental car provider and credit card company for insurance offers.

GPS: When road tripping in an unknown land, always have your GPS ready. Navigate through the roads by taking directions from GPS and you will be safe and happy.

Contact Information Handy: Keep handy contact information of important people such as the rental car provider, police, and your family or a close friend who can be contacted in case of emergency.

Pack essentials: Prepare yourself well for the road, keep light munchies and snacks, water, a medical kit, travel pillow, blanket, phone car chargers, and a fair amount of cash or card to not fall short of money.

Happy exploring and tripping in your style!

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