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Can you travel the world for food and absolutely can go to any extent to get the taste of some of the best burgers in the world? Well, then here is a feast for you. Burgers definitely are then most perfect creatures that mankind created and are absolutely drool-worthy. The delicious taste of the burgers fills not only the stomach but also fulfills the soul. And that is why AirTkt, has got you the list of the best burgers in the world.


Bleecker Black Burger, Bleecker

This juicy burger at Bleecker, London is literally heaven for all those burger lovers who have been witnessing to taste the best there is. This award-winning burger joint offers classic American burgers and imaginative shakes and their Bleecker Black Burger is to die for. The light brown sesame seeded bun, yellow cheese, deeply browned beef, and the black pudding all together will seem like the most beautiful sight you’ve seen, whose taste will enchant your soul.


The Burger, Raoul’s

A perfect burger in the perfect setting – a classic bistro lit with Parisian atmosphere and French food. This place has the juiciest and most delicious burger, one which you would want to devour right at the first sight. Filled with crunchy patty, sprinkled with peppercorns and salt, topped with sliced red onions, greens, cornichons, along with the tastiest sauce – this burger cannot be missed. This New York restaurant only makes 12 burgers a night, so might want to get your hands dirty as soon as you can!


The Jackie-O, Fat Bobs Bar & Grill

Vintage neon signs in a diner with craft beer and gourmet burgers – is exactly what sums up Fat Bobs Bar & Grill in Australia. Their Jackie-O burger is the one you need to gulp down right away and experience the thrilling taste of succulent beef pattie crumbled between fuller tomatoes, fontina cheese, red onions, lots of lettuce, and topped with mustard sauce and finished with Fat Bob’s magic sauce.


American Burger, Gordon Ramsay Burger

Gordon Ramsay Burger at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas offers traditional burgers that will make your taste buds feel divine. What stands out about this burger is the taste that it gains from being cooked on open-flame with prime cuts and the melting butter that soothes the senses. In 2016 the burger joint recorded more than two million sales and today the number can only be imagined because its popularity has increased tenfold.


The Burger, Dirty Bones

Perfectly cooked beef, black bacon, gorgonzola sauce, topped with pickled jalapenos, some spinach, and garlic aioli – is how the heavens must look like because the burger at Dirty Bones, London is sure to give you ride into the food heaven and one you must take at any cost.

Well, you need to really control that urging need to eat these burgers right away because you must first get your hands on those cheap flight deals so that your taste buds are not too far from the Gods of Burgers.

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