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Don’t you get irritated when you are booking a vacation or an air ticket, and suddenly you find people lecturing you over a long list of dos and don’ts. We know how it feels. That’s why we don’t want you to worry anymore as we are here to debunk all your air travel related myths. Let’s glance at some of the most prominent air travel myths.

Booking window

This is the most confusing part of the booking process. That’s because some people, agents or websites lure you with last-minute deals or some want you to book in advance like you would be for a big life event such as your marriage. Hold on, take a deep breath and get this clear. Booking too well-in-advance or even last minute is of no use. Well, going by the rule of thumb, it is advisable to book your flight 6 to 8 weeks in advance to get the best deals. So ideally, six weeks for short-haul and eighteen weeks for long-haul flights is a reasonable period to book.

Cookies are expensive

No, we aren’t talking about those baked cookies but the ones in your web history. Rumor has it, the more you visit an airline’s website, the higher the prices go. And what’s it got to do with the cookies? Everything. You see cookies alert the airlines or travel websites that you are looking book tickets or vacations. So, chances are that the airlines or travel companies can decrypt this info and increase their prices, the next time they spot you online at the same website. So, our recommendation is, delete your cookies or go into an incognito mode.


Upgrades are possible, but you got to be very lucky or impressive for the airline executive to hand you one. Unless you are ready to pay a lot of cash for it, all your gimmicks to get one, might just be one failure.

Mobiles on airplane gone

No way is this going to happen. The only reason the cabin crew advises you to turn off your phone is that it doesn’t interfere with headsets used in cockpit, which might annoy the crew. And you would be happy to know that this rule is now being relaxed by most airlines.

Thunderstorms are a big risk

Thunderstorms and lightning can be scary and might make you even chant some prayers, but that does not mean your plane will come crashing down. Pilots have undergone thousands of hours of training to fly through a turbulence. It’s like driving your car through a thunderstorm. It’s scary, but it does not mean that you will not survive it.

Now that we have busted your travel myths, it’s best that you book right away. Confused where to begin? Airtkt is all you need for the best air ticket prices, travel deals and discounts. Have a safe flight.

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