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  1. Search at the Right Time


Always try searching for flight fares after midnight; that’s when almost all airlines renew their computer systems with the deepest discounted fares that people reserved their seats but didn’t pay for it. If you’re only aiming last-minute Web fares, look on the airline sites, considerable booking sites, and specially aggregator sites between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning for airline tickets for the coming weekend.


  1. Check a Broad Range of Dates


AirTkt has the most adaptable search functions of any of the most considerable booking sites. AirTkt allows you to search for the cheapest one-way or round-trip domestic flights or international flights fare inside a range of months, which AirTkt shows as green dates on a calendar. Although if you are just using AirTkt’s calendar for research, click on all the way through an available date; the website all the time shows dates as obtainable when they’re actually sold out already.


  1. Use Aggregator Sites


Once you’ve worked out which dates will provide you the best flight fare, search one of the Website’s “meta” travel agents. AirTkt searches 85 U.S. and international origin and converts foreign currencies to U.S. dollars. AirTkt lets you search flexible dates according to you, AirTkt offers a calendar with a range of available dates of flights. Moreover, you should click on the green (available) dates to make sure that the fare you want isn’t sold out yet. Aggregator sites like AirTkt don’t charge service fees themselves.


  1. Book Award Tickets Early—and On-line

Since airlines assigned only a small percentage of their seats for award travel, it may be smart to book airline tickets months in advance. Just to be safe, book 330 days before—when most airline companies load award fares. Also, try to book those seats on-line: Northwest, American, and Continental all charge $5 per booking award travel over the phone booking and $10 for doing it in person (offline)—but nothing for on-line seats reservations.

  1. Book through an Airline’s Web Site

If you are lucky and got the same lowest fare on an on-line booking agent like AirTkt and an airline’s own Web site, well, it makes more sense to saving on the latter to avoid paying extra $10 or so service fee booking Websites now charge.

  1. Don’t Pay Too Much for Change Fees


If there’s a possibility that you’ll want to make changes in your flight, book directly with the airline company. Some Low-cost airlines have much lower flight change fees. But we have some good news from some big airlines: in January, Delta dropped its change fee up to $50 from $100.

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