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While some might cringe on the idea of a connecting flight, they are one of the best ways to avoid the ultra-high air ticket fare. Saving some bucks by finding a cheap air flight, never hurt anyone! Whilst many travelers prefer non-stop flights, for others connecting flights are not a deal-breaker instead they are preferred for various reasons including cheap flight tickets, time to stretch legs on long routes, and, they add a new destination to the itinerary. According to OAG, 37% of all travelers would wait four hours or more on a layover to get cheap plane tickets and save $200 USD, while for Gen Y, the number is as high as 55%. That said, connecting flights could be a pain if they are booked without taking into account some important considerations. One must know how to book the best connecting flight. It’s like a mission you must win.

  • Foremost, use the right flight finder to search for air flights. There are multiple websites that let you find the cheapest air plane ticket to your destination.
  • Ensure your search engine is in incognito mode for consistently flight prices.
  • When you book a flight, stick to one airline or alliance on a connection, especially for international flights. It helps in smooth inter-flight transfers, also in baggage transfer and claim.
  • Pick the right hub for your connection. Do not opt for very busy hubs that are prone to delay.
  • Verify flight tickets for the baggage plan of your connecting flight including baggage limit, baggage transfers, baggage claims, etc.
  • While flight booking, consider booking various legs of a long-haul flight independently, or prolong your layover to cover two places in price of one. It is better to spend multiple days exploring the city you are laying over in, than to sit for long hours at the airport.
  • Check your air ticket for transit time carefully. Extremely long or awfully short layovers are both undesirable. Make sure there is a buffer of at least two hours between the arrival time of your first flight, and the departure time of the second.
  • Probe your plane ticket for any airport changes between your flights. If yes, check if the airline will provide for airport transfers or you have to arrange your own. In the latter case, Visa restrictions and monetary will come into play. Carefully, assess all factors including distance between the two airports, or the route to take, transit time, etc.
  • Advisable to avoid the last connection as in case of a flight missed, there wouldn’t be a next to take immediately. The more “next available” flights, higher chance of arriving on the day planned.

It is not just about a cheap flight, one must master the art of finding the best connecting air flights. With cheap airfare, you can save all the money and instead spend on what you like. While flight deals also come in handy in such situations, connecting flights surely offer more cheap tickets and hence, more savings.

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