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Looking to bag an upgrade on your next flight ticket? Back in time getting upgraded to a business class was easy as a walk in the park. But now with more people traveling, multiple air flights, and stricter airline rules, the probability of getting an upgrade has really lowered down. But don’t worry; increase your likelihood of charming your way up with these 5 tips to upgrade your airline seat.

Speak Up:

If you want an upgrade on your flight ticket, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Just make sure you are friendly and polite. And most importantly don’t forget to smile. Speak up if you have any legitimate complaint regarding your seat or issues with the fellow traveler seated next to you. In such cases, they generally end up giving an upgrade to their passengers.

Dress for it:

Dressing up doesn’t mean you need to wear something really fancy or suit up. If you are looking to bag a seat in business class, look like one who belongs to it. Formals or Semi-formals mostly end up doing a great job.

Reach late for your flight:

Don’t make prior bookings of your seat. Be late! Who knows the air flight might just end up being overbooked and you end up bagging a premium class ticket. Also, if they do happen to have a seat available in the premium class, try your luck and you may end up being the lucky one with a passenger upgrade.

Collect the miles:

Simply enroll for the air flight loyalty programs. This is one of the safest options. Try and stick to that same airline and collect enough points. In no time, you will be eligible for some of the best flight deals like an upgrade or even free air flights. Also, loyalty customers generally get the first preference for a flight ticket upgrade.

Travel Solo:

The chances of you getting lucky with an air flight upgrade are much higher when travelling alone. Couples or a larger family is more difficult to get upgraded, but if you are flying solo, they can just fit you anywhere.

Trust us, these tricks might seem ordinary but they have proven results in a lot of situations. So, next time you want a flight ticket upgrade, try and remember a few of these tricks and you never know what could possibly turn out to work in your favor!

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