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Travelling solo is the greatest freedom one can have. It is one of the most liberating experiences on the planet. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want and with absolutely anyone that you want to go or none if you may wish that too! Travelling solo has an anonymity to it, you can redesign yourself and be who you want to be with nobody judging you.

Travelling alone can give you some of your life’s best memories. You can schedule multiple destination of different choices freely and can do only what the heart desires.

Research before you go and that includes weather, local customs, dress codes, etiquette, etc. For woman travelling alone, safety remains the number one priority. Before leaving, share all the details to family or friends. Here is the most relevant information for female solo travelers.

Leave no food/drink unattended. Take no food/drink from strangers:

Some of the best stories you have in your travels are the conversations you pick up with complete strangers. However, when it comes to sharing meals, be aware about these. People all over the world are inherently kind and not that different from us but still, don’t be naive and trust everyone. Especially if you are traveling solo, be on your guard to avoid scams and hassles and be aware of your surroundings, be careful not to get too drunk and try to put yourself in a vulnerable position.

Elude confidence when you travel alone

It is the single most important tip for solo female travelers that is to be confident, assertive and hold yourself well. Sometimes it is safer to forget about being polite, it may be taken as a sign of weakness, and be prepared to stand up for yourself and not be afraid to speak out or ask for help.

Try avoiding taking out maps or guidebook on the street or looking lost or confused and most importantly don’t look an easy target, act confidently even if you aren’t.

Stay ‘culturally aware’ and the way you travel

In many places the culture might be very different from what you are used to at home. Try your best to fit in with the local culture both for your safety and sanity. Have an open mind and be sensitive to and try to understand and adapt to the local culture.

Let your gut instinct drive your decisions

It is for nothing that a woman’s instincts are known to be lethal in their accuracy. Believe yourself and trust on your own gut to take decisions on people you meet and the ones you should trust while travelling. There is no fear, just a piqued sense of awareness that ensures you to enjoy your vacation.

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