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Fathers are an important part of any family. No matter what is your age you will always look up to your dad and love him the same way you did as a kid. Father’s Day is another occasion when you can pamper him and thank him for all the endless sacrifices, he have done for you.

If your father is a traveller and exploring new places and having fresh experiences is his cup of tea, then read on here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas for him:

1) Buy him a subscription of a good travel magazine: Nothing will make his free time better than flipping through the glossy pages and checking out different destinations. There are various travel magazines that you can subscribe for, see where his interest lies and then you can choose a travel magazine for him.

2) Buy him a Solo vacation: How many times has he taken you out for a vacation? Umpteen right? Well, now is your chance to actually do the same. Plan a surprise vacation for him. You can see for cheap flight deals online. In fact, if you book your flight tickets in the off season then chances are that you will get them at around half price. So, book a round trip flight ticket for his solo vacation to his favourite destination. Ensure that you choose a place that he has always wanted to go to so that he enjoys it the most. In fact, you can choose from cheapest places to fly and ensure that this fits into your budget.

3) Buy him customized luggage: If your father loves travelling then customized luggage will surely win his heart. Ensure that you actually buy a durable set of luggage that will withstand the test of time. You can try and get some customization as per his taste. Just imagine next time he sets out on a tour he will do so with his stylish new set of personalized luggage.

4) Invest in Passport covers: Passport covers are practical, helpful and in vogue. You can choose from a variety of material and designs and then zero onto the one that actually matches your requirements. These passport covers will be loved by him. You can also make them extra special by putting his favourite quote on it.

5) Buy him an all-weather jacket: If he loves travelling, then buy him an all-weather jacket that is light weight. This will be his one jacket that he can carry along wherever and whenever he goes. Check his size and preferences before investing in it. Also, ensure that it is light weight so that he can easily carry it along wherever he goes.

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