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Who does not want to have a blast before finally saying ‘I do’. Honestly, everyone does. There is nothing better or refreshing than a stag weekend gateways to have the time of your life as bachelor – drunken nights, loaded games, fun activities, and so much more. Stag weekends are indeed a part of the culture now. However, one thing that might spoil the fun is the rocket high flight tickets. But no need to worry because AirTkt has it all sorted for you. We’ve got you perfect tips to finding cheap flights for your stag do weekend.

Search, search, and search until you can no more!

One rule that is a need to find cheap flight tickets is the in-depth research behind it. Airfare prices need to researched well before booking the airplane tickets. One must search on competitive flight finders such as AirTkt and ensure they grab best flight deals to destinations across the world. Make sure you search at least 60 days in advance for your international flights and 70-80 days in advance of your domestic flights. This is the ‘Prime Booking’ window when airfare prices are expected to drop low be alert and book flight tickets as soon as an attractive price strikes.

Higher the flexibility – cheaper the flight ticket!

If you have the luxury – be flexible in your dates, time of air flight, airport, as well as destination. Do not fly on dates when it is the busiest due to an upcoming holiday or festival. Instead get flight deals for the days when least people travel – choose to fly on the day of the holiday. Grab best flight deals for Tuesdays, Wednesdays which are generally quieter than Mondays, Fridays, and following weekend. Also, choose ‘dead time’ air flights; take the early morning or late night air flights. Also, check for airfare prices for air flights flying from a different airport but do factor in the prices of travelling to and from the airport.

Take the layover

A layover flight is any day cheaper than a non-stop flight. So, always opt for a layover flight, if you are not in rush. A layover flight gives you more time to relax and stretch your feet, as well as adds one more destination to the itinerary. Before you opt for the layover flight, always check the baggage policy, airport of flying, inter-line transfers, transit time, etc.

Sign up for price alerts, airlines newsletter, and Social Media accounts

One thing which is pretty way but goes a long way in getting you those cheap flight tickets is signing up for the price alerts. Sign up for airfare price alerts on email and keep an active check to grab best flight deals when the airfare prices drop low. Also, subscribe to the airlines’ newsletter and its social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Sometimes airlines tend to send out lowest airfare news through or on such platforms.

Once through, give a call to your friends and take off to make the best of a stag do gateway.

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