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Thanksgiving is certainly the best celebration of the year, with all the friends and family enjoying and feasting together on the delicious turkey, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, pumpkin pie and what not. It indeed is great holiday full of joy, love and appreciation of each other as family and friends. Well, while the idea of celebrating thanksgiving might be really exciting; what makes one cringe is the flight ticket prices while booking air plane tickets to visit family. But AirTkt has a thanksgiving present for you! We got you some easy tricks on the best time to buy air tickets for thanksgiving travel this year, so you got to worry no more and start celebrating already.

Advance planning, vigilance and research lay the core foundation of grabbing those attractive flight ticket prices. Cheap flight deals do not just come and drop by, one need to make an effort to get them. Foremost, you need to know the best time to start search and book flight tickets. This time period has been calculate based on extensive research and is guaranteed to bring you lowest airfare to the destination of your choice this thanksgiving.

If you need flight tickets to travel domestically – within the U.S – then you must start your flight ticket search at least 70-80 days in advance of your date of expected travel. For example, if you need to travel for thanksgiving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on thanksgiving (which is on Thursday, 28 November) then you must start you air flight ticket search at least in mid September to get best flight deals. Keep screening airline websites and flight finders such as AirTkt, to grab cheap flight deals when they strike. However, for international travel this thanksgiving, the flight ticket search should ideally being 60 days ahead of date of travel. This period is known as the ‘Prime Window’ which guarantees lowest airfares to any destinations domestic or international.

Airlines tend to offer cheap flight tickets to price conscious travelers who being to search for flight tickets well in advance. Full fare seats are reserved for last-minute flight bookings; thus, flight tickets are cheaper when booked in advance than booked near to the date of departure. Moreover, even in the ‘Prime Window’ slot, AirTkt advises you to book flight tickets on weekdays such as Tuesdays and Thursdays which are generally quieter than weekends and Mondays. Further, if you have the flexibility, avoid travelling on days which are popular and would result in higher flight ticket prices. Instead opt to travel on the day of thanksgiving – when everyone has mostly left and the air flight prices have sunk low.

Additionally, AirTkt would advise booking air flights in ‘dead times’ which are early morning or late night air flights that have cheaper airfare prices. They really do help save a lot of money! You can also opt for layover flights or alternative airports since both options tend to be cheaper than non-stop flights and popular airports.

Lastly, to grab best flight deals sign up for airfare price alerts and also airlines newsletter so that you are amongst the first ones to know when flight ticket prices for your desires locations begin to drop.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy travelling!

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