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Planning to fly in various cities? Depending on where you wish to fly, it can be cheaper to book a multi-city ticket than separate one-way tickets. Isn’t it exciting to travel multi-city or often add more cities to your trip for the same price or a bit more that you were going to pay anyway? Find out how.

What are Multi-City Flights?

A multi-city flight is an advanced airline ticket which allows you to travel across the world using multiple stops that increase the value of your trip. You can pull one-way flights, flight specials and wonderful destinations to create an airfare that is truly value for money.

How to book a multi-city flight?

The procedure or the steps to book a multi-city flight may vary from airline to airline or site to site or from one OTA to another depending on which mode you choose the book the tickets. But generally, the procedure followed is more or less similar. Many booking websites allow you to choose between roundtrip, one-way, or multi-city when searching for flights. Once you select a multi-city option, just keep adding flights and dates until your trip is complete as many sites limit you to six legs only. When you are done, you will get all your flights on one itinerary.

Multiple plane tickets vs One-Way

Is it cheaper to buy multiple plane tickets? Is a multi-city flight cheaper than several one-ways? Well, to a great extent it is. When it comes to long-haul flights, it is generally cheaper to club them together on one itinerary instead of buying one-way flights.

Benefits of booking multi-cheap flights

Don’t make a long layover a boring one and then regret later of not visiting in transit when you had ample time in your hand. That’s the reason why smart travelers today are opting for multi-city flights booking. There are several benefits to it. You get to explore more for a little extra cost. Multi-city option has become perfect for business travel.

Tips to save on Multi-city booking option

One of the best reasons to book a multi-city option is a great deal of money you save on such bookings. Still, if you do this booking during the off-season and at odd-hours, chances are you may save a bit more. The multi-city tickets allow you to explore the world without burning a hole in your pocket.

One way return or multi-city, there’s only one solution

So, whether you are planning a business trip, leisure or an adventurous trip or for that matter a one-way or return trip, log onto AirTkt. It offers the best rates on air tickets, hotels, and car rentals. So, get started on your multi-city trip, right now.


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