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Americans love their coffee. There are no two ways about it. According to a study, Americans drink 146 billion cups of coffee every year. Now that explains why there are countless cafes in America serving that steaming cuppa. But do you know which are the best cafes in the country? Well, we have brewed that answer for you. So grab your cup and read on:

Sey Coffee, Brooklyn, NY

They say New York is a city that never sleeps. So, what keeps it awake? Our guess is gazillion cups of coffee. And if you are looking for a gourmet coffee and experience, head to Sey Coffee in Brooklyn, New York. Everything is brewed to perfection here. And we are not just talking about the coffee. It includes the warm hospitality, the minimalistic setting, the tasteful menu and the intimate seating.

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans

How about sitting at a café that’s over 150 years old? That’s right, we are talking about one of the most iconic cafes in America – Cafe du Monde. It is a landmark in the city of New Orleans. The setting is old-school. And that’s actually a good thing. Slow life, rich coffee and cozy conversations. Who wouldn’t like all that with a rich brew?

Publik Coffee: Salt Lake City, Utah

This place was once upon a time a 4000-square-foot printing press. Today, it’s converted into a cafe space that is sustainable and solar powered. The cafe sources its beans from across the world, including Peru, Rwanda, Costa Rica and Sumatra. But what really adds the kick to the coffee? It is the Alpha Dominche Steampunk craft-brewing machine from Utah. The case also sources all the eats from a local ecosystem of bakeries, chocolatiers and jam makers. To add to the variety, the café also has seasonal specials.

Slow by Slow: Boise, Idaho

Slow by Slow is a Rwandan phrase “buhoro buhoro”, which means putting time and care into your craft. And this place in Idaho lives, breathes and brews with this philosophy. Imagine this, it’s one of the few cafes where customers can taste 15 different coffees a month. Despite the name, the vibe here is energetic and homely at the same time. Sip your coffee slowly.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Portland, Oregon

Portland is a treasure trove of coffee. The people out here know their city and coffee well. That explains why there are plenty of neighborhood cafes all over the town. But there’s one roaster, which has left everyone stumped with their fine brew and blend – Stumptown, a chain of cafes that started just before Y2K in 1999 in an old jaded hair salon back in 1999. Two decades later, this café is one of most omnipresent coffee brands in the country. And guess what? Till today, their most in-demand coffee remains the Hair Bender Espresso. Any guesses why?

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