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Winter is probably the most anticipated year in all our diaries. After all, there is Christmas and New Year during the season, which means plenty of fun, festivities, and foods on the way. But before you start smiling, there is one thing that you need to be careful about booking your flight in the winters – the price. Yes, the prices can skyrocket during this time of the year so choose your travel plans wisely when booking the cheapest flights. Here are some tips to find the cheapest flight deals.

Start early. End happy. 

A lot of people wait the last minute to find the cheapest flight deals but later on cancel their holiday plans altogether because of the expensive air tickets. So, if you are looking to buy your tickets, at least book 3 to 5 months in advance of the winter season. Usually, the best month to purchase air tickets for the winter is September. So, if you are still waiting, you might also have to cancel your winter holiday plans later.

Look for alternative airports 

Usually bigger cities have multiple airports, which means a window of opportunity for you to find cheaper deals. While some might be far from the airport, you can always drive down or take public transport to reach your destination, this winter. So, the next time you are booking your winter holidays, check for alternative airports in the search bar.

Take it easy 

Winter flight tickets are usually expensive so always keep some alternative destination or plans with your family and friends. If Hawaii is too costly, try some other destination like Mexico or the Caribbean. In case, you can’t make it, check if your family and friends are getting cheaper air tickets to visit you so that you can book it for them. Plus, you can also make plans after the first week of January when fares start dropping. The bottom line is not to be stubborn but rather flexible on dates and venues.

Compare the competition 

It’s a price war out there in the online world. Various airlines and online travel companies are vying for the top spot and making the winter season as a cash cow. In this process, many companies often come out with plenty of offers and deals to boost sales and engage potential travelers. It’s important to do some quick research with plenty of filters, which help you to look for your specific information. Also, remember all airlines have special offers to a particular route so make sure to track that trend from different airlines. Some will have offers for Asia, while others will offer deals for Europe. So, that’s where you have to be smart and grab your destination.

Looking for winter deals?  

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