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It’s that time of the year for confessing about the four letter word to someone special. Age is just a number in love. Be it a teenage crush or a couple trying to keep their romance young in their 60s, love is boundless. But be it any stage of love, there are always tips to keep that feeling alive and kicking. This Valentine’s Day, here is how you can impress your soulmate.

Valentine in the USA

Valentines for the Kiddies 

In the USA, Valentine Day is a big event even at schools. Kids exchange valentine cards with other students and even teachers by putting it in a small box prepared for the whole class at the elementary level. Some even prepare heart-shaped cookies, red velvet cupcakes and conversation Hearts.

Teenage romance

Plenty of teens look to break the ice with a conversation heart, which can be as simple as ‘Be Kind’ to something as intimate as ‘Kiss Me’. You can add a twist by creating your very own messages on these conversation starters. Email and social media has ruined personalization of writing and receiving a card or letter. So, this year is a good way to confess your feelings ‘offline’.

Long-term couples in 30s and 40s

You are not teenagers anymore so those roses, gifts and dinner sounds clichéd. It’s time to spruce up things by gifting your partner an experience. It can be an all day spa treatment or even a special tango course where the two of you can hit it on the dance floor and flame up the romance, hand in hand, beat by beat. You can also think of a staycation at a nearby place and do absolutely nothing but chill with each other. And if you want to put on a stamp to your relationship, how about a tattoo?

Couple in their 50s and 60s

So, you’ve had a blissful relationship so far. Why not celebrate it this year by going for a mini-vacation with your love and reminisce some amazing memories? This could include the place or the spot where you first met. Sounds romantic, right?

Love is in the air and so are these ideas

What? You were thinking of giving a rose, take your lover to a movie and then dinner! Phew! It sounds so cliché, no? You got to think out of the box. For instance, how about a red heart-shaped scarf with small heart emojis on it, or a mason jar full of ornaments or a bunch of roses? You can also gift heart-shaped soaps, after all what’s more relaxing than a bubble-bath! Customized glasses with the initials of you and your beloved’s name carved on it can also be a good option. Cute scented hand warmers to keep your valentine cozy is also a great idea.

Take your romance places!

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