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Europe has its magical charm; no wonder it is on every American’s travel list. Everything about Europe is mesmerizing – be it its landscape, beauty, culture, weather, attractions, architecture, art, and of course food. Though customs and mannerisms of Europe are different than Americans; hence, it is important to know some vital travel etiquettes when traveling to Europe.

Don’t carry too much cash

The best way to pay for anything in Europe is through a credit card. Hence, you don’t have to travel around Europe with a heavy wallet full of cash. Also, remember pick-pocketing is very common in Europe and hence, traveling without cash is the best alternative both ways.

Learn the language

If you are under the impression that every country in Europe happily accepts and speaks English, you’d be slightly mistaken. Countries such as Paris, Greece, Spain, etc. prefer tourists to communicate with them in their language, at least the basics. Also, a lot of people in these countries do not speak English, so it’s better to learn the native language of the country you are traveling to in Europe. The fact that you’re trying to understand their culture makes the natives accept you more warmly.

Dress well

In Europe, you will rarely find any person roaming with casual clothes and flip-flops. While that might seem very normal in America, Europeans certainly like it the other way round. So, remember to dress well and consider your veneer, even if it is for a casual stroll.

Check your tone

Well, it might seem unlikely, but Americans are quite loud. And when compared to Europeans – whose volumes don’t even reach your usual decibel – Americans can earn a reputation for being too loud, if not checked. So, when you visit Europe, remember to observe how people talk and follow accordingly. Also, remember to not act unruly and all obnoxious after drinking, it is frowned upon in Europe.

Buy a round

In Europe, especially in countries like Ireland, it is considered an amicable gesture to buy a round of drinks for your friends. In return, the other friend will offer another round and so on.

Take the extra food

In many of the European countries such as Italy, saying no to food is considered an insult. Thus, when you’re invited to a setting that involves a lot of food, remember to eat light because there is a chance that someone will offer you a plate and you won’t be able to say no.

Mindful of 5:25

In Europe, they are more polite and mindful about letting the server know when they are full. European place their silverware at a position of 5:25 in the plate, sending an indication to the server that they do not need more food. So, when in Europe remember to indicate this way rather than littering your plate or throwing down napkins.

Ask for the bill, tender exact change, and don’t tip

Well, unlike America Europeans server won’t be paying unnecessary attention to you while you eat. So, you’d have to inform them when you’ve finished and need the bill. Also, while paying the bill remember to keep the exact money; anything you keep extra might be considered a tip. And on that note, tip in many European countries is considered rude. So, before deciding to keep a little tip, check with the restaurant.

If you remember these travel etiquettes while visiting Europe, you can be sure to not make any blunders and have a great time. Check AirTkt for amazing flight deals for Europe, and since you’d be traveling abroad, you should take AirTkt’s international protection plan that will help you in case of trip cancellation, trip delays, emergency medical expenses, trip interruption, baggage delays, etc.

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