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Whenever you hear the word travel, your mind says, bring it on, but the pocket says, sorry honey not today. We all love flying to various destinations but yet don’t want out money to be flying out of our pockets. Is there a solution between the constant battle between the mind and money? The good news yes. With these simple tips, you can please your heart and your pockets. So, buckle up and sit tight while we tell you what’s right.

Be an early riser

No, no, we’re not talking about getting up early, though it’s not such a bad idea. What we mean is booking your flight ASAP. And for this, it is better to set your travel itinerary in advance, which includes your dates, venues and timings. Are you going to be an early riser from now?

Keep looking and booking

Have time to check social media updates? What about flight bookings? Always be on the lookout for flash sales, instant discounts and trending offers by travel websites and airlines. Remember, it’s all a demand and supply game. So, book early and beat the price rise.

Agents of change

Agents often fleece their customers. But hey, you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. Some of them know how, when and where to strike a deal which makes it a win-win situation for both parties. One advice, speak to a few before you zero in on anyone.


Be flexible is one tenet of economical flying. While looking for cheap flights, keep all your options open. Be it traveling at odd-hours (yes red-eye flights too) or even hopping flights, you can end up with some great discounted prices and offers.

Push for those push notifications

Busy filling alerts for shopping and food deliveries? Are you too busy for airline notifications? Yes, signing up for travel notifications can seriously save you time and money. Always sign up with your favorite travel website or operator. Historically, flights in January or February have good discounted prices for round trips from the United States to Europe or Africa. That’s because of the vacation season ending as the new year sets in.

Here’s what can save you big bucks

Just a few clicks on Airtkt will offer you access to countless travel offers, deals and discounted prices. Still booking the old way? Till then happy journey!

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